a finale reflection for Samhain 2013

Untitled30I find this quote from Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry very moving, as I feel into the transformation experience. Note that “Tiamat” is the name that Thomas Berry gave to our Grandmother supernova – the Mother of our Mother Sun. Here is the story as Thomas and Brian tell it in The Universe Story (p.47):

A billion years after the birth of the universe, when the galaxies have just emerged, great regions of hydrogen and helium drift about the centre of the Milky Way. In the collapse of our galactic cloud, the spinning of the matter flattens out, disclike, as the angular rotation carries the clouds into the gentle movement of the twirling spiral galaxy. After another hundred million years the invisible density arm sweeps through the cloud and shocks it into collapsing upon itself. No further energy from the galaxy is now required. The cloud that has drifted undisturbed for eons suddenly undergoes a profound transformation that destroys its basic form but gives birth to a cluster of ten thousand diamond lights in a sea of dark night.

From PaGaian Cosmology p. 136-137: Samhain is a time for recalling the many changes each participant has come through in their particular lives. It can recall the many cultural changes of our human story, the many evolutionary changes – Gaia’s transformations, which are also ours – anywhere in the spectrum of thirteen point seven billion years. We can remember how old we really are, and we can remember that we are yet “much More”, as is stated in the ritual – personally and collectively. We may articulate some of these conceptions. This is the autopoiesis of the Cosmos.

Samhain is a celebration of the Crone’s process of the transformation of Death. She is the Old One who remembers, and from whose Sentient Depths the new is drawn forth. The imagined conceptions will continue to gestate in the fertility of the Old One’s growing Dark. At Samhain, Her face has begun to move into Mother – the Womb of Winter Solstice.

For a Samhain Meditation: PaGaian Cosmology Meditations scroll down to individual tracks.

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