Medusa Speaks: September series

What if the strength that got Medusa labeled monstrous really made her majestic?

And what if those old labels are creating doubts and attracting criticism in your own life? 

Myths are powerful archetype creators, and no myth has contributed more to the strong-woman-as-monster archetype than Medusa.

Today Medusa—like strong women everywhere—would be called nasty, persistent, bossy, bitchy or worse. This is the legacy of misinterpreting her power, and it has led us to misunderstanding our own.

That is why we have called in the torchbearers—the most learned Medusa scholars on the planet—to re-story this myth with us, restoring her—and us—to our original majesty.

During a series of conversations, Girl God Books founder Trista Hendren will dive deep into the creation of this myth and its tragic distortions with Glenys Livingstone, Laura Shannon, Miriam Robbins Dexter and Joan Marler.

This four-week series will bring Medusa’s voice into your living room Wednesdays in September, kicking off on 9/8.  Tune in live or watch the recordings at your leisure. Times will vary because our teachers are coming to you from all over the world!

Cost is $99: and you will have access to the live events, a private discussion forum (not Facebook) & the recordings to rewatch as many times as you like—because deprogramming our patriarchal inheritance is not a one and done! Register HERE

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