PaGaian Seasonal Ceremony Dates 2018-2019

PaGaian Cosmology Seasonal Ceremonies
Blue Mountains, Australia
MoonCourt 2015

Below are the dates when the Seasonal Moments are likely to be celebrated ceremoniously in MoonCourt, Blue Mountains, Australia, home of PaGaian Cosmology. At the moment I am away seeing to family matters in another State of Australia, and MoonCourt is being taken care of by others. I have handed over to a small circle of priestesses, who have been students., and any ceremony there is not open at present. This may change so please do feel free to contact me (Glenys) and inquire.

I have also added in the date and time of the actual Seasonal Moment EST Australia. Other global times can be found at 2018 for 2018. and at 2019  for 2019. The date for the ceremony is generally set on the Saturday closest to the actual astronomical Moment of the Seasonal transition, though not always.

Lammas/Late Summer, Saturday 3rd February 7pm  (actual Moment 7:12 4th Feb)
Autumn Equinox/Mabon, Saturday 24th March 7pm  (actual Moment 2:15 21st March)
Samhain/Deep Autumn, Saturday 5th May 7pm  (actual Moment 23:13 5th May)
Winter Solstice/Yule, Friday 22nd June 7pm  (actual Moment 20:07 21st June)
Imbolc/Early Spring, Saturday 4th August 3.30pm  (actual Moment 23:27 7th August)
Spring Equinox/Eostar Saturday 22nd September 4pm  (actual Moment 11:54 23rd Sept)
Beltaine/High Spring Saturday 10th November 4.30pm  (actual Moment 21:18 7th Nov)
Summer Solstice/Litha 22nd December 6pm  (actual Moment 8:23 22nd Dec)
Lammas/Late Summer, Saturday 2nd February 7pm  (actual Moment 13:01 4th Feb)
Autumn Equinox/Mabon, Saturday 23rd March 7pm  (actual Moment 7:58 21st March)
Please contact Glenys if you are interested to be on the Seasonal list, which is an invitation and inspiration to celebrate the Moment wherever you are.
CD set

PaGaian Cosmology Meditations CDs is a beautifully produced collection of 3 CDs and a booklet, which supports the preparation and performing of ritual /ceremony for each Seasonal celebration. 

Each season has two tracks on the CD: one which helps you prepare your ritual space while the other guides you through ceremony. Includes music and meditations spoken by Glenys. Whether you are new to ritual celebration or an experienced ritualist, this work will support and inspire you.

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May you enjoy and celebrate Her Creativity.

Stuart McHardy

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