About Taffy

Taffy (Robert) Seaborne has rich life experience in Central Australia, the forests of Victoria, on the oceans of the world and in his childhood Land of wales. He emigrated to Australia in 1967.

Taffy’s life long learning made what was for him a radical change in direction during an eight year period (1990-98) of living and working with the Anangu traditional owners of Uluru. In his position as Manager of this World Heritage property, Taffy participated in the successful re-nomination of Uluru as a World Heritage Area on the basis of its cultural values. In Taffy’s words: “on reflection, my time at Uluru turned out to be my desert pilgrimage, an experience that profoundly changed my mind”. Taffy’s experience of deepening into Australian sacred sites provided the foundation and inspiration that led him to study Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury) and into relationship with his beloved Glenys.

Together Glenys and Taffy, through continued ceremonial practice of the seasonal Wheel of the Year with an open community, and each in their own fields, are always learning more of the Mystery: that we are this Place, this Cosmos, this Earth, as old and dynamic as She, and that we are the seeds of the future.

Together Glenys and Taffy built a MoonCourt – ceremonial and teaching space – at their Place, “Bru-na-BigTree”. Taffy also co-ordinated an organic fruit and veg distribution co-op from MoonCourt, and they cultivated a food garden. In December 2018 he relocated with Glenys to her homelands in Queensland, where they see and help her mother more often.


Some articles by Taffy (Robert) Seaborne: From the Tjukurpa to the Ecozoic

Deeper Down Under: and Moonwalking on Uluru

Stone Makes Us Human


  1. […] School of Theology Berkeley California. She lives in the Blue Mountains Australia with her partner Taffy (Robert) Seaborne, where she has facilitated Seasonal ceremony in MoonCourt with an open community, taught classes, […]

  2. Aidan Magellan Gabriel Moore · · Reply

    Hello Taffy. It seems that you have had a somewhat parallel experience to mine, with life-changing exposure to the ancient past of our planet, of our oceans, our continent and our species, and to the varied landscapes of Donna Gaia Earth.

    Your and Glenys’s separate and joint achievements in affirmation of our ancestors’ ancient belief in and love of our Mother Planet, and your participation in our Australian First Nations’ struggle for recognition at Uluru with the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunitjatjara are admirable. I remember following that struggle and the mean-minded efforts of the then NT Gov’t to sabotage it with new ‘legalities’. I would never dream of climbing that sacred monument.

    I worked in the ‘Simpson’ and other deserts for years, looking for oil and gas, but I never made it to Uluru. I will always remember in Alice Springs after eight weeks in the desert southeast of Old Andado Station near the French seismic line, part of it alone with a mentally-broken surveyor, being offered a Tjukurrpa stone by an ‘art dealer’. I recoiled away from it, having some vague idea of what it might mean. When I looked in a mirror at Abminga Siding a few days earlier before catching the ‘Ghan I saw the face of a wild-man with red hair. My hair was naturally jet black, but now after eight weeks sleeping on sand in a swag even my pubic hair was red.

    All I have done is observe. You, individually and together have achieved results to be proud of.

    It will take me some time and study of your websites to familiarise myself with these pioneering undertakings. Understanding will gradually sink in. As an old white male I am very wary of blundering into what is at heart a sacred feminist struggle to save the planet, its man-damaged ecology and our species. A man can of course be a feminist, and a keen one too, and if he has a suitable partner he may avoid the worst instinctively-male behaviour patterns.

    Your proposed name for your new home needs no translation. I hope you two can continue your efforts for the revival of respect for our planetary and Cosmic Mother. I am delighted that those efforts to date are infused with the Celtic perspectives of our ancestors.

    Till our next exchange, my respectful best wishes.

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