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Mago Academy

Return to Mago,  promotes the Primordial Knowing originating from the Great Goddess, Mago, advocate for feminist and spiritually-based activism and promotes creative and scholarly work: supports the awareness of the oneness of all entities in the universe, across differences of gender, culture, race, ethnicity, class, ability, and species … seeking to create a world that is non-ethnocentric, non-racist, non-capitalist, non-imperialistic, and counter-patriarchal. Return to Mago e-zine, publish books through Mago Books, offer online classes through Mago Academy, and conduct cross-cultural pilgrimages.








From ‘For the Love of Gaia’, Jassy Watson


Goddesses Garden and & Studio/Gallery was created by Jassy Watson: Organic Gardener,    Visionary Artist, Teacher & Intentional Creativity Coach as a space to keep sacred creative traditions alive.  Jassy teaches regular in-person and online painting workshops based around themes exploring the feminine and our connection to the earth. Regular creative events and presentations are also held that have included visits from international scholars, musicians and artists. She is passionate about helping women awaken to their creative potential and building community through creativity.






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