Canadian Women’s Studies Article

From the Magic of ToGaianess: Ngapartji-Ngapartji in Indigenous Australia

by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.


Feminist Gift Economy: A Maternalist Alternative to Patriarchy and Capitalism

Volume 34, Numbers 1,2

The e-book version of this issue is available on the link above for free, and also has a “pay what you can” option” for those who are able to do so.


Abstract of the article From the Magic of ToGaianess: Ngapartji-Ngapartji in Indigenous Australia: It is a discussion around the Australian term Ngapartji-Ngapartji which translates to “reciprocity” in the Western world. The author and her partner Robert (Taffy) Seaborne, delve deeply into the concepts evoked by this term, in particular the part of the ego in a larger network as well as the possible adoption of the term ToGaianess. The author considers the potential implications of this model on our understanding of the self and the other and establishes the relationship between the concept of “maternal thinking”, empathy and the practice of care.

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