Autumn Equinox Meditation

The story at the base of this meditation is that of Goddesses Demeter and Persephone, at the centre of the Mother-Daughter Mysteries of ancient times, as it is told and celebrated in PaGaian Cosmology. That version is of Persephone’s voluntary descent to the Underworld, for the gaining of wisdom and the Mother’s knowledge, and to comfort those who have passed. This old matristic version of the story was researched and told by Charlene Spretnak in her book Lost Goddesses of Early Greece. As it is told in PaGaian Cosmology, Persephone is the seed who goes into the ground to take root and become the flower or fruit, and so it is with all: we may journey into life’s compost to find transformation and wholeness, beauty and strength.

This Autumn Equinox meditation is usually done as the last in the series of eight meditations based in the eight Seasonal Moments of Earth’s annual cycle around the Sun, and it is usually done in the Season of Autumn Equinox[1]; that is, in September in the Northern Hemisphere and March in the Southern Hemisphere, when it is Autumn. However it may be experienced now, or at anytime, because it is also part of a psychology and a cosmology that is based in relationship with our Earth and Sun – where we always are; and Her Creativity happens in every moment, and in the particularities of your life.

This Autumn Equinox Meditation and the short Preparation for it are offered here as a gift. Both tracks are on the PaGaian Cosmology Meditations CDs, a beautifully presented set of three CDs with a colour booklet, that are the full series of eight ceremonial experiences, based in Earth-Sun holy days; and are a gestalt of wholeness and healing.

The meditation begins with a journey of contemplation of what is involved in the gift of this present moment, the “harvest” of this moment.

Please listen to the Preparation first, whether or not you choose to follow the suggestions.

Autumn Equinox/Mabon Preparation

Autumn Equinox/Mabon Meditation

This image below is referred to in the meditation:

The Mother Demeter hands the wheat to Her Daughter-Self Persephone, expressing the passing on of all knowledge – the continuity of Life. PaGaian Cosmology, p.169-170. Ref: Hallie Iglehart Austen, The Heart of the Goddess, p. 73.

Glenys Livingstone 2018

For more story about the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes from a Goddess perspective: The Equinoxes as Story of Redemption: Sacred Balance of Maternal Creativity by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.


[1] Autumn Equinox is sometimes known as “Mabon”

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