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Song of Hecate

a perfect Samhain contemplation by Bridget McKern 1993 (to be read uproariously) let birds out of cages! let bitches bitch! and dogs be dogs screech and moan to the moon let crows de-feet the plastic surgeons and cry “faarck” to the open sky we will have age in all her beauty. rivers of tears and […]

Samhain/Beltaine Moment @ EarthGaia May 2018

In our everyday sacred journey around Mother Sun – the “Turas”[i] of our Planet Earth – our orbit is moving us towards the Seasonal Moment of Samhain/Beltaine: the cross-quarter between Equinox and Solstice – further into Autumn towards Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and further into Spring towards Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Moment […]


Chomo-Lung-Ma Goddess Mother of the Universe claimed as Mt. Everest since 1863 C.E.  because Mr. Everest climbed Her and it was said that he conquered Her.   May She be free again to be Her native self. May all our colonised, climbed and conquered bodyminds know our native selves again. Glenys Livingstone, PaGaian Cosmology. Note/Addendum: […]

The Heraklion Museum: A Critique of the Neolithic Display by Carol P. Christ

If I had been asked to write the words that introduce visitors to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum of Crete to its earliest inhabitants, I would have said something like this: While there is evidence that human beings visited Crete as early as 150,000 years ago, the first permanent settlers arrived from Anatolia in the New…

March Equinox Moment @ EarthGaia

Equinox Moment @ EarthGaia occurs at 16:15 UT on March 20th – the first Equinox for this Gregorian calendar year of 2018: it is Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  You can see a model of Earth’s orbit and also a telling of some of the astronomical science here. At my place […]

Autumn Equinox Meditation

This meditation is usually done as the last in the series of eight meditations based in the eight Seasonal Moments of Earth’s annual cycle around the Sun, and it is usually done in the Season of Autumn Equinox[1]; that is, in March in the Southern Hemisphere and in September in the Northern Hemisphere, when it […]

Marie Tulip: a Foremother of Goddess in Australia

  This was originally written for the Goddess Association in Australia (GAIA) Conference 2007, whereat Marie Tulip was honoured as one who came before. It is edited slightly and published here for the anniversary of Marie’s birth 12th March (1935). Marie passed from this manifest form on 19th September 2015. Marie Tulip’s Goddess journey perhaps […]

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