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Poiesis of Creative Cosmos Book Launch Recordings

Australia Book Birth Celebration May 13th, 2023 in the author’s homelands – a bit of ceremony included, from the Introduction to the book. Mistress of Ceremony, Tess Elliott and Keynote Speaker, Jan Roberts. …oOo… USA Book Launch April 27th, 2023 Special thanks to Leonor Murciano-Luna for her beautiful drumming. We would also like to acknowledge […]

Home to Her Podcast: Exploring PaGaian Cosmology

An enjoyable interview of Glenys Livingstone with Liz Kelly May 5th, 2023

It’s a Girl! A Poiesis of Creative Cosmos Birthed!

From Trista Hendren, publisher of Girl God Books: I am thrilled to announce the publication of this new book by our beloved Foremother, Glenys Livingstone, PhD. If you grew up in a disempowering patriarchal church, you likely do not know how to create new ceremonies and rituals that strengthen your sacred connection to Mother Earth. […]

Brian Swimme’s videos now freely available

Brian Thomas Swimme – Center for the Story of the Universe. All his DVD’s are now freely available for viewing. Canticle to the Cosmos is his first, and a bit dated for some, but still very good in my opinion: they are the base for the rest, and where I learned so much. In The Earth’s […]

A Goddess Talk about PaGaian Cosmology

A Goddess Project podcast PaGaian Cosmology and Goddess Religion with Dr. Glenys Livingstone

Solstice Announcement – A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos

It’s a Girl! (Winter Solstice) She is being poured forth! (Summer Solstice) – all at the same time! 😄 The new PaGaian Cosmology book A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos is now available for pre-order  A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos Book Endorsements “This is a deeply spiritual work, beautifully articulating the sacrality and the profundity […]

A Good Review of PaGaian Cosmology

A review by Aine Orga, 2014: PaGaian Cosmology is top of the list of “Five Books that Inspired Me”

PaGaian Cosmology Course: Goddess, Cosmogenesis and the Wheel of the Year

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, my course in PaGaian Cosmology is starting with the advent of Autumn there, anytime now with the Introduction (which is substantial), and then with Samhain material in late September-early October. This course is rich in material, and suitable for the novice as well as the experienced who may wish […]

participating in the giant heart I call Mother

I find this excerpt from Robin Morgan’s poem The Network of the Imaginary Mother on my mind recently: it is associated at this time with the current Season of Winter Solstice (in my region of Earth in the Southern Hemisphere). I remember when this excerpt (and whole poem) first impressed me: when I was birthing […]

Devi Prayer: an Immersion in Her

Sanskrit Devi Prayer from 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine by Craig Pruess and Ananda Here it is with the English translation written in to the video: The BEST Devi Prayer by Ananda Devi with full Text and Translation. Note that these words by Ananda herself, who wrote it, are different from the English text […]

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