Reviews of PaGaian Cosmology

Some reviews here were written within the first several years of the publication of PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion, which was in June 2005.

Review IN EINGANA by Ruth Rosenhek: environmental justice activist, published in: EINGANA The Journal of the Victorian Association for Environmental Education, Vol 29 Number 1, April 2006.

Review in GAIAN VOICES by Susan Meeker-Lowry: published in GAIAN VOICES Vol. 3 No. 3 & 4, 2005.

Review in Goddess Alive! by Cheryl Straffon: Issue no. 13, Spring/Summer 2008.

A review by Aine Orga, 2014: PaGaian Cosmology is top of the list of “Five Books that Inspired Me”

PaGaian Cosmology (Book Chat) by Cassandra Tarot, July 21 2016.

Cassandra says: “Less of a review, and more of an off-the-cuff, from-the-heart ramble, I talk a bit about the book PaGaian Cosmology and how it’s re-framed my view of the cosmos. I also chat a bit about feminism and the importance of the Divine Feminine in our lives.”

Review by Eileen Haley, Sydney based Crone and poet, 2019: This work is a classic firstly because of its rarity as a Southern Hemisphere contribution to the field of women’s spirituality. An awareness of the dual-hemispherical nature of our Mother Earth is often missing in Northern Hemisphere works. A perspective that takes the antipodes into account is decidedly enriching for the field. Secondly, PaGaian Cosmology is perhaps the only work in the field that is informed by the work of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, creators of the philosophical groundwork to a range of new disciplines and paradigms, including the increasingly important Rights of Nature movement. Livingstone, in fact, draws out the ramifications of Berry and Swimme’s work by blending their concepts with the Goddess tradition, taking their philosophy to places they, perhaps, did not quite imagine, but which are totally consonant with their premises. The enrichment is two-way: the work also enriches the Goddess and pagan traditions by incorporating the evolutionary cosmology of Berry and Swimme. Thirdly, PaGaian Cosmologyis a classic for the quality of its erudition. This is a serious work of scholarship, extensively and intelligently researched and rigorously documented. Fourthly and finally, this work has been a game-changer for many people in Australia and elsewhere. In this regard, one important characteristic of the work is that it is not just theoretical – it contains scripts for rituals for the eight seasonal moments of the Wheel of the Year. It accordingly invites to a continuing practice of individual, social, ecological, and cosmological transformation and deepening.

Copies may be purchased here: PaGaian Cosmology book

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