MoonCourt 2015

Some story:

MoonCourt: Goddess Ceremonial Space 

Ceremonial space which was built for Goddess and Her seasonal creativity, as expressed in PaGaian Cosmology – Blue Mountains, Australia. PaGaian Cosmology  is the ongoing practice and the co-creation of Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. and Taffy (Robert) Seaborne M.A. (Social Ecology).


As of December 10th 2018, MoonCourt and residence was sold to others who love the space and will do much creative great work there; Glenys wanted to go live closer to her mother in her homelands of origin, where she continues her practice and teaching of PaGaian Cosmology, together with Taffy Seaborne.

If you are inspired to build such a ceremonial space, I offer you some cosmology and ceremonial practice to go with it, in an on-line course over the period of a year: PaGaian Cosmology: a Celebration of Goddess and Cosmogenesis in the Wheel of the Year, facilitated by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.


MoonCourt being rejuvenated in December 2014 (Eloise learning the Cosmic script as she goes):


Below is a photo of  MoonCourt at our Place “Bru-na-BigTree” as it had emerged by September 2009, taken as we prepared for Eostar ceremony. The Seasonal markers are on the wall: Winter Solstice window with Triple Spiral on the left, the Equinox triangle (with Loughcrew symbol in the centre, which was later changed to an image of Demeter and Persephone), and the round Summer Solstice window on the right. The floor has a brass spiral representing the Universe Story – ready for Cosmic Walk rituals. The artwork on the Equinox marker is now an icon of Demeter and Persephone, whose Mysteries we celebrate at both Equinoxes. This a change from it’s original artwork, you may notice in some photos.

The inaugural Cosmic Walk ritual was held on the brass spiral floor of MoonCourt on the 10th October 2009. It was a powerful and en-juicing event. 

Here is a pic of the “Map” – the set-up with candles lit … 40 of them:


And for the Cosmic Walk script that was used: that is, the 40 events that are marked on the spiral, see Cosmic Walk

Below is something of the story of the MoonCourt’s emergence- as we began to tell it in January 2008. And Taffy has completed a series of 3 videos published to YouTube, documenting the process so far – as at early April 2009:
PaGaian MoonCourt – the foundation
PaGaian MoonCourt – the cob wall
and PaGaian MoonCourt – the roof and shelter.

#1 The story – as we began to tell it 25th January 2008:

BigTree is the affectionate name for our Place … where the Akkademie PaGaian Cosmology happens – the rituals, the courses, the writing and all matters domestic, which are the basis of the religious (connecting) practice engaged in here.

Taffy and I have commenced the building of new space for the rituals. It will have cobwalls and rammed-earth floor, an open roof (shade sail of some kind) and much more  … to be unfolded as we go. Just yesterday we ordered wrought iron artwork of the Triple Spiral within a Winter Solstice window which will be in the Vesica Piscis shape – the yonic sign of Goddess.

Here is a photo of the beginnings, at the time of Lammas 2008 in the Southern Hemisphere (early Feb):

#2 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

“It’s happening Reg!” as Ruth says in “Life of Brian” … here it is unfolding at last, as at the 13th March 2008:

We might call it the PaGaian Ritual Courtyard … a Place for courting the Mother.

#3 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

PaGaian Ritual Courtyard 18th March 2008

The pole in the middle of the foundations, marking the centre, is a garden torch that will be used to light the Autumn Equinox Underworld in the ritual this weekend. I’m not sure whether the Underworld might be able to be situated on the Courtyard surface … we’ll see what the state of it is by Saturday 22nd.

#4 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

20th March 2008 …
the Moment of Equinox – Autumn Equinox at our Place on EarthGaia.

Taffy marked out the place of sunrise this morning, as seen from the centre of the Courtyard, on the foundation wall. He also marked the place of sunrise for Summer Solstice as we know it to be, but this time as seen from the centre of the Courtyard: so we can put the Summer Solstice window there in the wall. He did the same for the Winter Solstice place, and had me hammer in the marker.

Taffy is making a video of it all, which will probably go up on YouTube.

#5 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

The Ritual Courtyard as it was for the Underworld part of the Autumn Equinox ritual, 22nd March 2008:

It had rained most of the day, but cleared enough for us to “go out into the Night with Persephone and plant our seeds.” The full Moon came out and took a look at us too! smile

#6 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

Taffy buried a special heart shaped stone in the centre in the foundations. As he was feeling the loss of this stone, he was visited next day by an ibis (on the neighbour’s roof) – associated with the heart shape and temple building.

We have never seen one of these birds here before. Taffy took video footage which will eventually go into documentation of the building of this sacred place.

#7 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

This email arrived from Brian Britten today:
Hi Glenys,
I was looking through some mesoamerican images on a
website and the Maya glyph for ‘heart’ reminded me of
your Pagaian triad spirals. I found a really good
example of this symbol on an archaeologist’s drawing
of an artifact and saved the image in my picture file.
Later in the day,I received your e-newsletter and I
attached your web page logo to this image and it is
attached . It seems so appropriate to have the ‘inner
life force’ of the heart depicted in the same design
as the goddess

and here is the pic:

#8 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

Ritual Courtyard 10th April 2008:

#9 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

The cob walls have begun to grow and the Winter Solstice window goes in – 30th April 2008:

#10 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

#11 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

After much playing around with words, Taffy and I have decided to call the ritual courtyard a PaGaian MoonCourt … this being a new word for Sacred Space, instead of “church”, “temple” or equivalent. A PaGaian MoonCourt is for celebrating Cosmogenesis – the Triple Spiral.

It is a place for getting caught by the Moon, where Her law/lore is laid out. The seasonal rituals as we do them are a celebration of the dance of Light and Dark – the rhythm of waxing peaking and waning, as Moon holds them within Her round face.

We did also think about naming it a MoonAsylum smile … for it is a “refuge” for learning and celebrating Her Wisdom.

#12 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

As of 23rd May 2008 … Summer Solstice window goes in place, along with the Winter Solstice window:

and solar panels go in the same day … 12 on the roof altogether. Our electricity meter now goes in reverse!

#13 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

June 18th 2008,  the floor has been laid – not quite finished but functional for Winter Solstice ritual on the 20th … phew!

#14 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

Set up for Winter Solstice ceremony:

A video of the Solstice dawn and the lighting of the Triple Spiral window can be viewed here: Triple Spiral at Bru na BigTree

#15 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

The MoonCourt with its seasonal markers of Sun at Winter and Summer Solstice and the Equinoxes is mind-altering I am finding. It is placing me in a new way.

Building your own MoonCourt is an ecological way of shifting one’s mind .. build your own “Newgrange” – Bru na “wherever” – instead of flying to the original … though it is nice to know it is still there and its energy is creating this one.

#16 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

Further to the transformation of the Place – “Bru-na-BigTree”, Green Man and Medusa have been moved from the wall of the garden shed and placed on BigTree’s newly created spaces (2 limbs lopped off). Green Man holds the upper position for the waxing light part of the cycle – as it is right now in the Southern Hemisphere, and Medusa will hold the upper position for the waxing dark part of the cycle … we swing them around at Summer Solstice. (See post #21)
photo by Taffy

PaGaian Cosmology celebrates the Virgin/Young One aspect of Goddess throughout the light part of the cycle …  and Green Man is included as a face of the Virgin dynamic of the Triple Spiral, the Urge-to-Be who expresses Herself in all beings and genders.

The Crone/Old One aspect of Goddess is celebrated throughout the dark part of the cycle … and Medusa is one of Her faces – not “Old” but definitely One who Creates-Space-to-Be, which how I understand the Crone dynamic of the Triple Spiral: She is essentially Creative. For more: see Chapter 3 or “Search this Site”.

#17 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

MoonCourt as we approach Spring Equinox – early September 2008 … but still more to done yet: have to get that Summer Solstice window in, artwork at the Equinox marker (where the flowers are), rendering, a reciprocal roof and finishing the floor.

Taffy and I did make this Imbolc video just before this: Celebrating Imbolc 2008

#18 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

Oh my Goddess … what is happening now! Taffy says our MoonCourt is temporarily a steel henge.


#19 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

As I looked at the three markers for the four solar points of Equinoxes and Solstices on the MoonCourt wall, I realized another valency of the significance of the Triple Spiral. I hadn’t seen that before … how Sun moves back and forth over the period of the year, through three points on the horizon: the Equinoxes are the same midpoint. Having this construction is mind-altering.

And here is a photo of Spring Equinox morning 2008 @ MoonCourt – after the ritual the evening before, and after the wind had blown quite a bit of the decorations away. Sun is rising directly above the Equinox marker – midpoint between the Winter Solstice window and the Summer Solstice window. The Equinox marker will have some artwork there by Autumn Equinox 2009.

#20 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

The morning after Beltaine ritual, November 2008 – our wrapped Nova-pole (Southern Hemisphere version of “Maypole”).  This is a view from the back of the MoonCourt looking up towards the Summer Solstice window:

and this one the day before the Beltaine ritual: … that’s a reciprocal roof that has just been put in place – with 7 poles – note the shadow on the floor:

#21 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

We held an “Opening Concert” on the 17th December 2008 – Wendy Rule came and sang for us. We had almost 50 people: Wendy Rule @ PaGaian MoonCourt and Wendy Rule @ Bru-na-BigTree

Photo as taken at Summer Solstice Southern Hemisphere (December 21st 2008):

Here we are ready for Summer Solstice ceremony – December 20th 2008:

and the inaugural lighting of the Summer Solstice window and some Summer Solstice Poetry can be viewed on YouTubeSummer Solstice 08 @ Bru-na-BigTree

and now Summer Solstice 2008 has just passed, it is the time of the waxing Dark: so we have swung Medusa and Green Man around on BigTree. See post #16 for brief story on them in regard PaGaian Cosmology. Here they are:

#22 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

… and very pleased for MoonCourt to be linked here: Glastonbury Goddess Temples Elsewhere. I feel Glastonbury as a Home of my lineage, and of the tradition celebrated in the MoonCourt.

#23 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

MoonCourt dressed for Lammas ritual 31st January 2009:

and here is video done in the MoonCourt: Celebrating Lammas 2009

#24 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

Autumn Equinox at MoonCourt on the morning of the 21st March – a little after dawn, and post-ritual the night before – which was right on the Equinox Moment:

And Celebrating Mabon 09 –  the video for YouTube that Taffy and I made from footage and photos taken over a 48 hour period in the creation of the ritual and the “leftovers”.

#25 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

Artist Tom Giffin has added the design to the Equinox marker: the sunwheel in the centre is a re-creation of the 5000 year old one on the backstone at Loughcrew in Bru-na-Boinne Ireland, which is lit at the Equinoxes there:

And here is a video of this symbol being lit there at Loughcrew (“Hag’s Chair”) at Spring Equinox 2005:

And the umbrella has gone in today – 28th March 2009:

and closed up she looks like the guardian Abbess:

#26 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

MoonCourt has emerged at Eostar/Spring Equinox 2009 – from an era of construction to a readiness for events … new “power of Being”. So a new topic. Let us begin with Her dressed for Eostar ritual which happened on 19th September 2009:

The seasonal markers can be seen on the wall … the Winter Solstice window on the left (with Triple Spiral), the Summer Solstice window on the right, and the Equinox triangular artwork in the middle (with Loughcrew artwork). More detail of these windows and marker can be seen in these videos celebrating the Seasonal Moments:
Winter Solstice 2009
Mabon 2009
and Eostar 2009

There is also this one about the initial lighting of the Triple Spiral in the Southern Hemisphere: Triple Spiral @ Bru-na-BigTree.

#27 Re: New Ritual Space at BigTree

MoonCourt’s crown gets a coat of blue paint:

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