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Celebrating and Invoking the Young One: the Future

As the first ceremonial marking of the growing light after Winter Solstice, Imbolc/Early Spring is a particular moment when the Young One within all may be celebrated; and dedication to this Young One may be made. As Earth’s tilt takes this region of the Planet back towards the Sun, we may celebrate and commit to […]

Our True Nature: at the Centre of Creativity

In the Season of  Imbolc/Early Spring we may remember our true nature, our beginnings, from whence we come. In the ceremonial calling of the directions (associating the elements according to your region): We are from the East, and we are Water – filled with the primordial oceans. You may feel Her in you, Her moistness, taste it. […]

Virgin Warrior of Spirit

Virgin,        – warrior of the spirit,        urging me on        calling forth my green shoots singing them out of the darkness.        in love with this new life        no-one can distract you. Yet you do not curse the darkness        you know it and trust it. … After the storm, the tempest, the destruction,        in the compost, Is […]

The Sea of Generosity

“Take a deep breath, and as you let the breath go, follow it down to the Space before your next breath. Imagine this Space, this Emptiness, as the Sea of Generosity … from which All springs forth. Feel the Urge of Creation springing forth – as the Urge to Breathe arises. Imagine this breath as […]

Misirlou Dance for Imbolc

For years this dance has been done at PaGaian Imbolc/Early Spring ceremonies, as referred to in PaGaian Cosmology Chapter 7 (p.207 if you have the book), and also in the Imbolc/Early Spring Meditation on PaGaian Cosmology Meditations CDs The music for it is Sto Perigiali by Mikis Theodorakis, sung by Maria Farantouri, but you may like to buy it: […]

Imbolc-Lammas Moment @ EarthGaia August 2018

In the Southern Hemisphere, we are in the Season of the growing light celebrated as “Imbolc”/Early Spring: it is the first Seasonal Moment after Winter Solstice, the “cross-quarter” or meridian point between Solstice and Spring Equinox. In the North of the Planet it is the Season of the growing dark, celebrated as Lammas/Lughnasad: the first […]

Imbolc Process of Her Red Carpet: Her Flow

In PaGaian Imbolc ceremony there is a tradition of each participant processing on a red aisle/carpet with lit candle in hand; this processing is done upon making a dedication to the unique self, to tending and nurturing its unique gifts and beauty. This dedication is a commitment to Being, expressed as a commitment to the […]

Beginning Again

I have often felt the Season of Lammas as a beginning: perhaps it is all the black fabric and ribbons I use for decoration and expressing the celebration of the waxing dark. Black offers such a fresh start, a total dissolving, all slips away and new formation is possible: a merciful immersion. This poem below […]

Lammas/Imbolc Earth Moment

In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the Season of the waxing dark … we are transitioning to the cross-quarter moment between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox: it is the time to celebrate and nurture the new dark, and our native allurement to the Dark whence we come and to whom we return. At my place […]

Making Sacred: Space for the Not-Yet

It seems timely … as well as Seasonal (for both Hemispheres): as published in Goddess Pages issue 6. As the Wheel turns into Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the Seasonal Moment of Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere. For those in the planet’s South, Earth’s tilt is delivering the post-Summer Solstice welcoming of the new Dark, the […]

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