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Making Sacred: Space for the Not-Yet

It seems timely … as well as Seasonal (for both Hemispheres): as published in Goddess Pages issue 6. As the Wheel turns into Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the Seasonal Moment of Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere. For those in the planet’s South, Earth’s tilt is delivering the post-Summer Solstice welcoming of the new Dark, the […]

No Eye but Hers

 From all eternity the Beloved unveiled Her beauty in the solitude of the unseen; She held up the mirror to Her own face, She displayed Her loveliness to Herself. She was both the spectator and the spectacle; no eye but Hers had surveyed the Universe. Jami 1414 C.E. … no eye but Hers … in […]

Imbolc thoughts

Imbolc/Early Spring ceremony may essentially be a rite of affirming the Original flame of being in you – this Native, wild self: and this is the Flame that Great Goddess Brigid of early Celtic peoples traditionally tends, the sacred Flame of Being. This is who She is … and it is why She may be […]

Brigid-ine Dedications @ Imbolc

In traditional PaGaian Imbolc ceremony these words are offered for the Brigid-ine commitments/dedications: I commit myself to my particular small self, understanding that I am She – Gaia – She who is All. I am connected to Her as the tree bud is to the branch. ‘I am the beauty of the green earth and […]

Poetry for Imbolc

Great Goddess Brigid was Matron of smithcraft, healing and Poetry – all three were apparently perceived by the ancients of Her “British Isles” and larger jurisdiction, as essential to existence. Hmmm, this is worth thinking about – the Poetry bit … is there enough of that? do we take what we speak seriously enough – […]

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