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No Eye but Hers

 From all eternity the Beloved unveiled Her beauty in the solitude of the unseen; She held up the mirror to Her own face, She displayed Her loveliness to Herself. She was both the spectator and the spectacle; no eye but Hers had surveyed the Universe. Jami 1414 C.E. … no eye but Hers … in […]

Imbolc thoughts

Imbolc/Early Spring ceremony may essentially be a rite of affirming the Original flame of being in you – this Native, wild self: and this is the Flame that Great Goddess Brigid of early Celtic peoples traditionally tends, the sacred Flame of Being. This is who She is … and it is why She may be […]

Brigid-ine Dedications @ Imbolc

In traditional PaGaian Imbolc ceremony these words are offered for the Brigid-ine commitments/dedications: I commit myself to my particular small self, understanding that I am She – Gaia – She who is All. I am connected to Her as the tree bud is to the branch. ‘I am the beauty of the green earth and […]

Poetry for Imbolc

Great Goddess Brigid was Matron of smithcraft, healing and Poetry – all three were apparently perceived by the ancients of Her “British Isles” and larger jurisdiction, as essential to existence. Hmmm, this is worth thinking about – the Poetry bit … is there enough of that? do we take what we speak seriously enough – […]

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