Beginning Again

BirdHeaded Snake Goddess

“Eurynome”, Hallie Iglehart Austen, The Heart of the Goddess, p.8.

I have often felt the Season of Lammas as a beginning: perhaps it is all the black fabric and ribbons I use for decoration and expressing the celebration of the waxing dark. Black offers such a fresh start, a total dissolving, all slips away and new formation is possible: a merciful immersion. This poem below could be for an Imbolc/Early Spring Moment, and indeed I usually consider it so; but it may also be for the beginning that is possible in the darkness of “the heart’s night sky”, celebrated at Lammas/Late Summer … both Moments occur simultaneously on our Planet, and may also in our bodyminds.



Beginning Again 

The Mother within reweaves the Fabric

– the torn Fabric

torn in the weak spots.

She sets to work with all Her love and consciousness

picking up the threads

– threads that go all the way back to the beginning

She uses these, yet makes new patterns.


Mercifully Erishkagel, Crone – Her partner

has destroyed old patterns.

Erishkagel has washed away the debris

with Her storm and tempest.


Artemis, virgin, spiritual warrior,

fiercely guards and nurtures the new

She is faithful to the heart that seeks

fullness, wholeness

She will constellate in the heart’s night sky

and call forth right direction.


Glenys Livingstone 1993 C.E.


constellations possible in the heart’s night sky, with which to guide one’s journey

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