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It’s a Girl! A Poiesis of Creative Cosmos Birthed!

From Trista Hendren, publisher of Girl God Books: I am thrilled to announce the publication of this new book by our beloved Foremother, Glenys Livingstone, PhD. If you grew up in a disempowering patriarchal church, you likely do not know how to create new ceremonies and rituals that strengthen your sacred connection to Mother Earth. […]

Equinox @ EarthGaia March 2023 C.E.

The Seasonal Moment of Equinox @ EarthGaia (as our Planet may be named[i]), will occur March 20th at 21:24 UTC (that’s “Universal Time” as it is named – measured at Greenwich England). Equinox is a moment of balance of dark and light for the Planet, when the dark and the light in the South and in the […]

A Goddess Talk about PaGaian Cosmology

A Goddess Project podcast PaGaian Cosmology and Goddess Religion with Dr. Glenys Livingstone

Her Holy Integral Blackness

Black is the chosen colour for PaGaian Lammas ceremonial decoration, for this Season when the dark part of the cycle is just new. It is for the purpose of identification with the Dark, falling in love with this place which is native to all being, becoming re-acquainted perhaps with this darkness in which we – […]

She Feeds the World with Her own Body

She so loves the world that She gives Her own Body daily: for the life of the world. The Gospel of Dea since the beginning of time. Note the present tense of “loves” and “gives”. It is so in every moment, not just some past heroic deed done by a “son” sent by a Deity […]

Lammas/Imbolc Season @ EarthGaia 2023 C.E.

With the passing of Solstice Season our Planet enters into the waxing dark Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere and the waxing light Seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. These first of the transition Moments after Solstice are frequently named in Old European tradition as Lammas and Imbolc respectively. We as Earth cross the midpoint (the “cross-quarter”) […]

Solstice Announcement – A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos

It’s a Girl! (Winter Solstice) She is being poured forth! (Summer Solstice) – all at the same time! 😄 The new PaGaian Cosmology book A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos is now available for pre-order https://thegirlgod.com/poiesis_of_the_creative_cosmos.php  A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos Book Endorsements “This is a deeply spiritual work, beautifully articulating the sacrality and the profundity […]

To Be is to Be Related

The entrance into traditional PaGaian Summer Solstice ceremony is with this initial part of the Breath Meditation:  Breathe deep, and sink into the weight of your body – feel Earth holding you. This is how She holds you – feel your weight, Earth holding you. With this same power Earth is held in orbit around […]

December Solstice EarthGaia 2022 CE

For the Southern Hemisphere December Solstice is the Summer peaking of the light part of the day, and the turn /return to the dark part of the annual cycle. Out of the fullness of light the seed of dark is born: henceforth it will grow. It may celebrate the fullness of being, and the pouring […]

Beltaine/Samhain @ EarthGaia November 2022

As our planet Earth, and we Her inhabitants, orbit Mother Sun in our everyday sacred journey[1], we move into the Seasonal Moment of Beltaine/Samhain, the cross-quarter transition between Equinox and Solstice: that is, into High Spring towards the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, and into Deep Autumn towards the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. […]

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