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Seeing Her Land: the Twin Fires of Beltaine

Once cast from the sun, light streams onto planet Earth like liquid. It freely enters us as both photon and wave. In daylight, we ingest billions of photons during every open-eyed moment. As waves, light vibrates into us. It is transduced, within several layers of retinal tissue, into electrobiochemical pulses surging deeply into the tissue […]

Seasons of the Light

           As Summer draws to a close in the Southern Hemisphere, we are leaving behind the light part of the year’s cycle around the Sun, the Summer Solstice in late December being the point of that interchange. The lightest quarter of the year anywhere on our planet is in the period […]

Becoming Beauty to Ignite Beauty

 … we become beauty to ignite the beauty of others: so it is with all the allurements of life. Brian Swimme The Universe is a Green Dragon (1984, p. 79) The above phrase concludes this paragraph by Brian Swimme regarding allurements and pleasure: Do I desire  to have this pleasure? or rather, do I desire to […]

Creativity of Beltaine Moment

Beltaine is commonly understood in recent times to be a celebration of sexuality, and frequently in particular heterosexuality … but this is a simple reduction, and only one of the valencies of a deeper significance of the Seasonal Moment, which is the extant creativity of Sun and Moon in relationship, with Earth. The notable and […]

Beltaine/Samhain @ EarthGaia

The actual Moment of this cross-quarter between Equinox (Spring/Autumn) and Solstice (Summer/Winter) is 11:56 UT (Universal Time) on the 7th November … that’s November 7th 21:56 EST Australia – my place: other global times are available at archaeoastronomy.com. It is the Season of Beltaine/High Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, the season of celebrating sweet desire for being – the “glue” […]

More on Holy Desire

Our desire, our longing, is the Beloved, is the Universe, desiring in us. (PaGaian Beltaine script 2013) Brian Swimme says: “I didn’t make up this desire: it is the Universe desiring in me.” and “Where does the Universe experience its ultimate desire?” … “within any particular.” (somewhere in Canticle to the Cosmos) We are united […]

Beltaine Poiesis – allurement, beauty, sight

Some of the Beltaine Poiesis as it has been celebrated in my PaGaian tradition (in the Southern Hemisphere) in early November – the Season of High Spring: – the traditional red is commonly understood in more recent historical times to represent the fertility of the maturing female: the menarche, the first menstrual flow. Perhaps the earlier significance […]

Beltaine/Samhain @ EarthGaia

Today I tried the Beltaine ribbons on the tree that we will dance around – because the tree has grown, and I began preparations for ceremony – getting the red fabrics out and the ribbons and rainbow streamers. I figure many of you have begun to feel the transition to Samhain or Beltaine. So it […]

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