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The Wheel of the Year in Stone

an edited excerpt from the author’s book PaGaian Cosmology Chapter 1 p. 50 -52 My ancestors built great circles of stones that represented their perception of real time and space – cosmic calendars. They went to great lengths and detail to get it right. It was obviously very important to them to have the stones of […]

More on Holy Desire

Our desire, our longing, is the Beloved, is the Universe, desiring in us. (PaGaian Beltaine script 2013) Brian Swimme says: “I didn’t make up this desire: it is the Universe desiring in me.” and “Where does the Universe experience its ultimate desire?” … “within any particular.” (somewhere in Canticle to the Cosmos) We are united […]

Celebrating Cosmogenesis @ Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Dawn through MoonCourt window   Traditionally Winter Solstice has been celebrated by the ancients – our Gaian ancestors in many regions – as the birth of Light, the birth of Form. The stories of many cultures tell of the Great Mother giving birth to the Divine Child at this time of year. It is this […]

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