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Beltaine: a Celebration of the Magic of Light

In my PaGaian cosmology I have been so concerned to be re-valuing the Dark (in a cultural context that denied its essential creativity), that I have perhaps not noted sufficiently the magic of Light. Light has indeed been paid a lot of lip service in new age and traditional religious/spiritual language; but I wonder how […]

Gaian Powers

Spring Equinox is a good time to invoke and recognise our Gaian powers, the truth and power of who we are, as the light in your region grows stronger and the flora feels and responds to the power of our Sun. The calling of the elements as it has been scripted in PaGaian Spring Equinox/Eostar […]

Naturalistic Paganism

A community of Naturalistic & Humanistic Pagans

Celebration of Gaia

Marking Our Time on Earth

Stuart McHardy

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Feral Words

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