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An Integral Universe: Conscious from the Beginning, in Conception

“From its beginning the universe is a psychic as well as a physical reality.” is Thomas Berry‘s principle #3 for a functional cosmology; a version he wrote amongst 12 principles in the early 90’s. See Appendix A PaGaian Cosmology Thomas Berry later expressed it this way: “The capacity for ordered self-development, for self-expression, and for intimate presence […]

June Solstice 2016 C.E. EarthGaia

It is the Season of Solstice – Earth’s tilt in relationship with Mother Sun, our Source  of life and being, leans us to the furthest point, in both the South and the North: see Her there in your mind’s eye, as She orbits … The actual Moment of June Solstice 2016 @ EarthGaia is 10:44 UT […]

Transformation (a poem)

Transformation Completely dismantled – all the stock taken out of the cupboards. Strip them bare Pull apart my knowings – rip them open, let the connections be severed. … Expose all the parts, every cell to the sunlight de-toxify throw away move it all around mix it, mix it skim the dross …. With mortar […]

Lammas/Imbolc Moment – Planet Earth Feb 2016

On February 4th at 9:30 “Universal Time” (as it is named) EarthGaia crosses the midpoint in Her orbit between Solstice and Equinox. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the Season of Lammas – the welcoming of the Dark, post-Summer Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere it is the welcoming of the Light, post-Winter Solstice. All planetary times […]

Solstice Moment – Summer/Winter – December 2015 C.E.

Earth enters the Season of Solstice, as Her tilt in relationship with Sun leans us to the furthest point, in both Southern and Northern Hemispheres: see Her there in your mind’s eye, where She is – where we are – in Her orbit … For the Southern Hemisphere December Solstice is the awesomeness of the return to the dark, […]

Cosmogenesis and it’s Three Creative Dynamics

by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. This is an edited excerpt from the author’s book PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion, Chapter 1   Central to this PaGaian cosmology is Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry’s articulation of Cosmogenesis and its three “governing themes”.[1] Physicist/cosmologist Brian Swimme tells the story of the evolutionary unfolding of the Universe with a […]

June Solstice 2015: Winter/Summer

It is the Season of Solstice – Earth’s tilt in relationship with Sun leans us to the furthest point, for both North and South hemispheres: you may see Her there in your mind’s eye, as She orbits … For the Southern Hemisphere June Solstice is the magic of the return to the light, out of the […]

The Wheel of the Year in Stone

an edited excerpt from the author’s book PaGaian Cosmology Chapter 1 p. 50 -52 My ancestors built great circles of stones that represented their perception of real time and space – cosmic calendars. They went to great lengths and detail to get it right. It was obviously very important to them to have the stones of […]

I am the Ancient One

Folding my arms over my upper torso, I acknowledge this country that I am … an ancient land, a holy land: I only need travel to this place, be present to this place. I am She … GaiaEarth, we are all She: all “Transformations of the Ages” … this could be a title for Her/us […]

Celebrating PaGaian Cosmology On-Line

  PaGaian Cosmology On-Line A Celebration of Cosmogenesis in the Wheel of the Year a course and mentoring through eight Seasonal Moments (Sabbats) of Earth’s journey around Sun – the Solstices, Equinoxes and cross-quarter days PaGaian Cosmology is an eco-spirituality grounded in the Pagan/Indigenous tradition of Old Europe, linked to story of the unfolding Universe, and Triple Goddess Poetry. It […]

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