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Mother-Warrior You are brave, you are Brave You have conquered You have taken in hand those forces of disintegration that threatened your existence You hold them in your hands, your strong hands They writhe but you hold them fast. Your strength is a-mazing, your courage awesome. Your wild hair flies in the wind. Your wild […]

Organic Innocence and Autumn Mysteries

Autumn Equinox Season is frequently named as “Mabon”, and even though I consistently celebrate this Seasonal Moment in the tradition of the Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone in the PaGaian MoonCourt, I too have named it thus – as “Mabon”.[1] ”Mabon” is a name from the Celtic tradition, and it is the name of the […]

Mother-Matrix for Winter Solstice

MOTHER Mother … mother     Matrix of whom I am a part Elements flux in and out     a continuation of the Original Ovulation. In silence I reach to    increase the space inside of me. As traction decompresses the spine Silence and stillness decompress my spirit,     quickening new electro-chemical impulses […]

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