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Mother-Warrior You are brave, you are Brave … You have conquered … You have taken in hand those forces of disintegration that threatened your existence You hold them in your hands your strong hands they writhe but you hold them fast. … Your strength is a-mazing your courage awesome. … Your wild hair flies in […]

Organic Innocence and Autumn Mysteries

Autumn Equinox Season is frequently named as “Mabon”, and even though I consistently celebrate this Seasonal Moment in the tradition of the Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone, I too have named it thus – as “Mabon”.[1] ”Mabon” is a name from the Celtic tradition, and it is the name of the Son of Modron, the […]

Mother-Matrix for Winter Solstice

MOTHER Mother … mother     Matrix of whom I am a part Elements flux in and out     a continuation of the Original Ovulation. In silence I reach to    increase the space inside of me. As traction decompresses the spine Silence and stillness decompress my spirit,     quickening new electro-chemical impulses […]

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