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Samhain/Beltaine Moment @ EarthGaia May 2018

In our everyday sacred journey around Mother Sun – the “Turas”[i] of our Planet Earth – our orbit is moving us towards the Seasonal Moment of Samhain/Beltaine: the cross-quarter between Equinox and Solstice – further into Autumn towards Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and further into Spring towards Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Moment […]

Transformation (a poem)

Transformation Completely dismantled – all the stock taken out of the cupboards. Strip them bare Pull apart my knowings – rip them open, let the connections be severed. … Expose all the parts, every cell to the sunlight de-toxify throw away move it all around mix it, mix it skim the dross …. With mortar […]

Lammas Thoughts … and a few Imbolc ones

We drift towards Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere … after the Summer Solstice, the peaking of light, the fullness of being, there comes the falling apart: the rose, the flower, peaks in beauty, then she fades, falls apart … the petals drop, and the seed is exposed. Sometimes the falling apart, the dissolution, comes abruptly […]

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