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The Wheel of the Year in Stone

an edited excerpt from the author’s book PaGaian Cosmology Chapter 1 p. 50 -52 My ancestors built great circles of stones that represented their perception of real time and space – cosmic calendars. They went to great lengths and detail to get it right. It was obviously very important to them to have the stones of […]

Wheel of Year Ceremony: En-trancing Gaia’s Womb

By Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. Published in G.A.I.A. Newsletter October 2008, and re-published at Return to Mago blog as En-trancing Gaia’s Womb Through Seasonal Ceremony: Re-creating Her Sacred Site in 2012. In the earliest of Her stories, Gaia – also known as “Ge”, meaning Earth – was the possessor of the oracle in Delphi, the place at the […]

Samhain Ceremony and Cosmogenesis

A core inspiration for the processes of the Samhain/Deep Autumn seasonal rite as it has been done here at my place for over a decade, is Robin Morgan’s poem, “The Network of the Imaginary Mother“.[1] The whole poem helped me through a gateway into new language and perceptions some 34 years ago, but the main part that […]

PaGaian Lammas – Celebrating an Autopoietic Cosmos

 She Who receives all, transforms all – in every moment Lammas may be a Seasonal Moment for the recognition of the autopoietic quality of Cosmogenesis [1], the Larger Self whom we are –and the power each thing has to participate directly in the cosmos-creating endeavour” (Swimme and Berry The Universe Story p.75) : it is a powerful thing to […]

We are Sun, we are Food

As of Old, so was She understood … Her Power was/is to give Life – to feed and sustain the world (Inanna/Ishtar in “Mother of Living Nature” Adele Getty, p.39) May we graciously receive Her infinite daily abundance. May we experience fullness of being, that demands to be poured forth: may we be radiant like […]

More on Holy Desire

Our desire, our longing, is the Beloved, is the Universe, desiring in us. (PaGaian Beltaine script 2013) Brian Swimme says: “I didn’t make up this desire: it is the Universe desiring in me.” and “Where does the Universe experience its ultimate desire?” … “within any particular.” (somewhere in Canticle to the Cosmos) We are united […]

Integrating the Co-essential Darkness of the Cosmological Unfolding

Integrating the Co-essential Darkness of the Cosmological Unfolding by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. This article was first published in 2007 at what was called Integrative Spirituality site,  now known as Universe Spirit  We live in times of the witnessing of global transformation. Such a scale of planetary changes has happened before, but humans are integral to this one […]

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