(Interview) Glenys Livingstone: 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions

I was privileged to co-present 2 programs at the 2009 Parliament of World’s Religions – one was “Australian Pagans Speak – a Community Forum”, and the other was “The New Archaic: Neuroscience, Spiritual Practice and Healing”. Here is an interview published today on the Return to Mago blog.

There are just 3 more days for submitting a proposal to present a program at this year’s Parliament in Salt Lake City in October … links are in the article below.

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The remarkable 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions held in Melbourne was the first where Paganism was recognised officially as a world religion, thanks largely to efforts over years by Angie Buchanan and others of Earth Traditions: there was  a strong and diverse Pagan and Indigenous presence.

I was honoured to be part of presenting two programs at this Parliament. When I submitted my proposal, I had been ambivalent about whether to identify my religion as as “Goddess” or “Pagan” and opted for Pagan: I think it was good that I did so at the time, and was so pleased with the beautiful people, including Indigenous traditions, from around the globe that I gathered with.

The programs that I was part of were:

Australian Pagans Speak: A Community Forum

The New Archaic: Neuroscience, Spiritual Practice and Healing

Below is an interview by Noel Debien from the Australian Broadcasting Commission…

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  1. This is both beautiful and wonderful Glenys.

    1. thank you dear Bridget … I am amazed myself at how “on” I was in that moment … the whole Parliament experience was awesome: bumping into people I had only known in cyber-space, and in the presence of icons, listening to them speak. I cam home with an injured foot from all the walking I did – to be present at so many precious programs, before the moment slipped away. 🙂 ❤

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