Goddess Mother of the Universe
claimed as Mt. Everest since 1863 C.E. 
because Mr. Everest climbed Her and it was said that he conquered Her.
May She be free again to be Her native self.
May all our colonised, climbed and conquered bodyminds know our native selves again.
Glenys Livingstone, PaGaian Cosmology.
Note/Addendum: I have to add that I have been informed (in comments to my Facebook post of this) that Mr. Everest did not climb Chomo-Lung-Ma and he may not even have seen her. Mr. Everest himself apparently had a deep commitment to native names remaining (source is Wiki). But he would therefore understand the point, which is that so much of Earth’s land has been re-named after some great man (white usually) who “dis-covered” it, climbed it or stopped for there for tea. So apologies to Mr. Everest, but I think he would be pleased with this post that invokes recognition of Chomo-Lung-Ma as herself, and invokes the same recognition in all colonised bodyminds and “conquered” peoples.

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