Our True Nature: at the Centre of Creativity

In the Season of  Imbolc/Early Spring we may remember our true nature, our beginnings, from whence we come.

In the ceremonial calling of the directions (associating the elements according to your region):

We are from the East, and we are Water – filled with the primordial oceans. You may feel Her in you, Her moistness, taste it. We are juicy with it, soft with it. Take a moment to feel how you are Water.

We are Water, we are this.

We are from the North, and we are Fire – sparks of ancient heat. You may feel Her in you, the warmth of your body. Your metabolism an echo of the Great Fire at the Beginning, and of our Sun. Take a moment to feel how you are Fire.

 We are Fire, we are this.

We are from the West, and we are Earth – geological, Gaian formations. You may feel Her in you – the weight of your body, your memories. She is alive in us and we in Her. Take a moment to feel how you are Earth.

We are Earth, we are this.

We come from the South, and we are Air – drawn from and drawing from this ancient river that all have breathed. You may feel Her in you, expand with Her. We are inspired with Her. Take a moment to  feel how you are Air.

We are Air, we are this.

This is our true nature – Water, Fire, Earth, Air. We have always been from the very beginning, and so we always shall be. We are at the Centre of Creativity – a multiplicity of centres.


Glenys Livingstone, Imbolc ceremonial script, PaGaian Cosmology Chapter 7.


  1. The realization that the Elements are our true nature, is such a beautiful and profound truth for me. I will call the Elements in this way in my ceremonies going forward. Thank you.

    1. thank you Janee I am so glad you have enjoyed, and will enjoy this.

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