Permeated with Moon Presence

“When you look at the moon, you are absorbing the moon just as the ocean absorbs minerals … your particles are new in the sense that they have absorbed something from the photons and entered a new state of being. … This means that when you stand in the presence of the moon, you become a new creation. The photons interactions have entered into the quantum state of your entire ensemble, and you are, through these interactions, a moon-person. It is not something you have, an image or an object, so much as it is something you become … There is no separate self ‘having’ this image; rather, your totality is permeated with the moon’s presence, and this totality, in refecting upon and within itself, exists in a new awareness: the awareness of the moon. You are the self, you are the moon … that is what cosmic sensitivity means for the human.”  

Brian Swimme, The Universe is a Green Dragon, p.91-93.

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