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Being “Other” • Method of Approach • Layers of Action • The Cosmos is a Ritual • Ritual as “Prayer” or Sacred Awareness • The Place/Habitat • The Role of Metaphor • A Functional Cosmology and Metaphor • The Female Metaphor • A Cosmic Metaphor for Creativity

Chapter 1 • Gaia, Goddess, Cosmogenesis, and the Wheel of the Year

Gaia as a Name • Gaia as Universe-Earth-Self: A Unity of Being • “Goddess” • Language • Feminist Theology – Thealogy – Poetry • Cosmogenesis – an Introduction • The Wheel of the Year – the Seasonal Ritual Celebrations • The Western Way • The Wheel of the Year in Stone

Chapter 2 • Embodiment, Gendered Language, and Personal/Cultural/Cosmic Stories

The Body – Essential or Not? • The Terms “Feminine” and “Masculine” • Feminist Discourse • Goddess as Religion • A “Home-ly” Religion • The Moon Goddess • More Context – Personal/Cultural/Cosmic Stories • Re-Storying “Her”

Chapter 3 • Re-Storying Goddess – Virgin, Mother, Crone

The Virgin/Maiden Re-Storied • The Mother/Creator Re-Storied • The Old One/Crone Re-Storied • The Triple Goddess

Chapter 4 • Cosmogenesis and the Female Metaphor

Gaia’s Creative Dynamics •The Three Faces of Cosmogenesis Developed • The Three Biological Shaping Powers and the Female Metaphor • Whitehead’s “Threefold Creative Composition” • The Spirochete as an Example of the Female Metaphor

Chapter 5 • The Seasonal Moments – a PaGaian Wheel of the Year

Samhain/Halloween – April 30th • Winter Solstice/Yule – June 20– 23 • Imbolc/Early Spring – August 2nd • Eostar/Spring Equinox – September 20–23 • Beltane/High Spring – October 31st • Summer Solstice/Litha – December 20-23 • Lammas/Early Autumn – February 2nd • Mabon/Autumn Equinox – March 20-23 • In Summary: Contemplating How Creativity Proceeds

Chapter 6 • Ritual Celebration of the Creative Dynamic

Ritual Format • Celebrant and/or Co-celebrants as Evocators of Presence • How Specific Ritual Processes May Develop the Theme of the Seasonal Moment • How Gaia’s Story – the Universe Story – May be Celebrated in the Seasonal Moments

Chapter 7 • The Ritual Events and Scripts

Invitations • Place • Ritual Preparation of the Group • Artful Expression – Headpiece, Decoration and Wreath • Co-Celebrants • Participation of Children • The Ritual Scripts

Chapter 8 • Being in Place

The Place of Story as the Story of Place • Desire • A Meta-religious Metaphor • The Snake Bites Her Tail – The Circle Comes Around • “ToGaianess” • “Careflow” • A Prayer in Process • The Three Candles Meditation • A PaGaian Breath Meditation • A Creative Place of the Cosmological Unfolding

Appendix A

Thomas Berry’s Twelve Principles of a Functional Cosmology

Appendix B

” Song of Hecate”

Appendix C

The Wheel of the Year – Southern Hemisphere

Appendix D

The Wheel of the Year as the Star of Aphrodite

Appendix E

Another Southern View of the Wheel of the Year

Appendix F

Teachings for the Sabbat Rituals

Appendix G

“PaGaian Joy to the World”

Appendix H


Appendix I

Dance Instructions for the “Cosmogenesis Dance”



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  1. […] This essay is an edited excerpt from the conclusion of chapter 3 of the author’s book, PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion. […]

  2. […] This essay is part 1 of an edited excerpt from Chapter 1 of the author’s book PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion. […]

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