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Desire, the Universe and Earth-Sun Creativity

For Beltaine (S.H.) especially, and the celebration of Holy Desire/Allurement “We awake to a universe permeated with allurement, and our most primal desire is to become this allurement.” (Brian Swimme, The Universe is a Green Dragon, p.55) ” This bonding is the perdurable fact of the universe and happens primievally in each fresh instant, a […]

More on Holy Desire

Our desire, our longing, is the Beloved, is the Universe, desiring in us. (PaGaian Beltaine script 2013) Brian Swimme says: “I didn’t make up this desire: it is the Universe desiring in me.” and “Where does the Universe experience its ultimate desire?” … “within any particular.” (somewhere in Canticle to the Cosmos) We are united […]

Beltaine Poiesis – allurement, beauty, sight

Some of the Beltaine Poiesis as it has been celebrated in my PaGaian tradition (in the Southern Hemisphere) in early November – the Season of High Spring: – the traditional red is commonly understood in more recent historical times to represent the fertility of the maturing female: the menarche, the first menstrual flow. Perhaps the earlier significance […]

Her Desire is Felt Throughout Cosmos

As is spoken in this prayer Our Mother:[i] … Her desire is felt/received throughout the Cosmos. I think it is a good prayer for Beltaine … a time for contemplating the Deeper Alluring Power of the Cosmos, which we can actually all feel – present and uniting the Cosmos. We feel it in so many ways […]

Beltaine/Samhain @ EarthGaia

Today I tried the Beltaine ribbons on the tree that we will dance around – because the tree has grown, and I began preparations for ceremony – getting the red fabrics out and the ribbons and rainbow streamers. I figure many of you have begun to feel the transition to Samhain or Beltaine. So it […]

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