Desire, the Universe and Earth-Sun Creativity


For Beltaine (S.H.) especially, and the celebration of Holy Desire/Allurement

“We awake to a universe permeated with allurement, and our most primal desire is to become this allurement.”

(Brian Swimme, The Universe is a Green Dragon, p.55)

” This bonding is the perdurable fact of the universe and happens primievally in each fresh instant, a welling-up of an inescapable togetherness of things.”

(Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry, The Universe Story, p.25)

 The video below is composed of excerpts from program #2 (“The Primeval Fireball”) of the DVD series Canticle to the Cosmos by mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme, in which he tells the scientific story of the Universe with a feeling for its sacred nature. In these excerpts which are spliced together, he speaks of Desire as a Creative Power of the Universe, manifest clearly in the bond of Earth and Sun, and as something we are immersed in personally.

And from The Universe is a Green Dragon (p.79) on the Universe Power of “Allurement”:

You can examine your own self and your own life with this question: Do I desire to have this pleasure? Or rather, do I desire to become pleasure? The demand to ‘have’, to possess, always reveals an element of immaturity. To keep, to hold, to control, to own; all of this is fundamentally a delusion, for our own truest desire is to be and to live. We have ripened and matured when we realize that our own deepest desire in erotic attractions is to become pleasure … , to enter ecstatically into pleasure so that giving and receiving pleasure become one simple activity. Our most mature hope is to become pleasure’s source and pleasure’s home simultaneously. So it is with the allurements of life: we become beauty to ignite the beauty of others.

For a Beltaine Meditation go to PaGaian Cosmology Meditations and scroll down to individual tracks, where you will find a Beltaine/High Spring Meditation for $2.80. It is a package of track 5 and 6 off CD 2 – the Beltaine/High Spring Preparation and the Beltaine/High SpringMeditation: which I am sure you will enjoy!

AND BONUS – enjoy PaGaian Beltaine 2009 on YouTube


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