Eostar – Persephone Returns!

Life Bursts Forth

Life Bursts Forth

This is the time of Spring’s return in our Southern Hemisphere. Warmth and growth may be sensed in the land, the flowers can be smelt in the air. The young light that we celebrated at Imbolc, has grown strong and come to balance with the dark. Life bursts forth with new strength. The story of Old tells us that Persephone beloved Daughter, returns from Her journey to the Underworld. Demeter, the Mother, stretches out Her arms – to receive and rejoice. The beloved One, the Lost One, returns with new Wisdom from the depths.

We may step into a new harmony. Where we step, wild flowers may appear; where we dance, despair may turn to hope, sorrow to joy, want to abundance. May our hearts open with the Spring.


Everyday may present a challenge … everyday may be an Underworld Journey: it takes courage to Be. We may be everyday Heras – Courageous Ones: returning constantly with new Wisdom from the depths, showing  up graciously in the present moment, to receive and rejoice. We may be the Lost One and the Mother – all at the same time: and perceiving that in others.

May the true power, wisdom and courage of Spring Equinox go in our hearts and minds.

Spring Equinox/Eostar Meditation is available digitally as an individual track on this page: PaGaian Cosmology Meditations CDs

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