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Creation Stories @ Winter Solstice

In PaGaian Cosmology, and sometimes explicitly expressed in other traditions, Winter Solstice/Yule essentially celebrates the Birth of All, Origins (capitalized because it needs to be noted as a sacred and ultimate event). Winter Solstice is a good time to contemplate Creation stories. Here is one – a Poem from Jami 1414, with an image (from […]

(Essay) Winter Solstice – Celebrating Birthing New Being by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

Winter Solstice thoughts … “We celebrate the birth of the new Being, which/who is always beyond us, beyond our knowing … yet is within us, burgeoning within us – and within Gaia. What will save us is already present within – forming within us.” For full essay see link below: Return to Mago E-Zine

Poetry for Birthing New Being

This is one of my favourite poems to contemplate at the Seasonal Moment of Winter Solstice: it expresses so much for me of the journey into new being, and continues to at this time. Birthing is a shamanic act – it is frought with challenge and often takes one to the limits, yet eventually the […]

Out of Her Fertile Dark Matter

    Out of Her fertile Dark Matter, out of the Stillness of her Creative Centre, New Being comes forth, Light is thus born. All Manifestation is born. … as it says in some poetic manner in many spiritual traditions: and as it is announced in traditional PaGaian Winter Solstice ceremony after all have been sitting in the dark […]

Cosmogenesis Dance for Winter Ritual

Celebrating the three qualities of Cosmogenesis – differentiation … each unique being: to be is to be unique – communion … the related web: to be is to be related – autopoiesis/subjectivity … the sentience of the Creative Cosmos: to be is to be a centre of creativity.[1] oOo We say in the Winter Solstice […]

Winter Solstice Dawn June 2013 C.E.

… over the Triple Spiral window @ MoonCourt Blue Mountains Australia. May the new being within come forth This was after a lovely ceremony the night before under clear sky, with a close to full Moon – t’was cold but we had a good time, and called in all others across space and time who […]

Mother-Matrix for Winter Solstice

MOTHER Mother … mother     Matrix of whom I am a part Elements flux in and out     a continuation of the Original Ovulation. In silence I reach to    increase the space inside of me. As traction decompresses the spine Silence and stillness decompress my spirit,     quickening new electro-chemical impulses […]

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