A lot of the links here are not traditionally understood as “Pagan”, but I situate them as such according to my understanding of “Pagan” … having to do with Place, and Earth-based religious practice.

Starhawk – teacher, author and activist and specifically: her Earth Activist Training

Institute of Archaeomythology This site is more than what is usually understood by ‘Pagan’ and yet it is ‘Pagan’ at its deepest meaning. Archaeomythology was formulated by archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. IAM is an international organization of scholars dedicated to fostering this interdisciplinary approach to cultural research with particular emphasis on the beliefs, rituals, social structure and symbolism of ancient societies.

Living Cycles – a Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year Calendar with a Companion Guide, by Lisa Mitchell: beautifully presented and good information. It is a rich resource for Australians nurturing an eco-friendly, Earth-centred spirituality.

James B. Harrod’s OriginsNet Three million years of prehistoric art, religion and symbol in human evolution.

An interview from the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne 2009, with Dr. Glenys Livingstone, by Noel Debien: The Good Life and Modern Paganism or straight to the mp3.  Other videos from that Parliament: Men Who Love the Goddess, Australian Pagans Speak.

Druid Life – the blog of Nimue Brown, Druid author.

Inija Trinkuniene, Krive of Lithuania’s Romuva Religion Addresses 2015 Parliament Indigenous Plenary. – Lithuania (Marija Gimbutas’s country) was the last state in Europe to be converted to christianity; but as Inija says, it was done by the rulers not the people, and the country people kept the indigenous religion alive. She and others travelled to the country when young and learned the old traditions. This indigenous tradition is now growing very fast, sprouting again. Here is a video of a rite performed to officialise Inija Trinkuniene as Kriva (High Priestess)

Pagan Awareness Network Australia

Fabienne S. Morgana celebrant, pagan, guide, sacred strand practitioner, labyrinth lover, fallible human.

Seeking Spirit – home site of Michelle Claire White: “… My passion for magick and esoteric wisdom has led me to work with the tarot as a tool for clarity, self-reflection and empowerment …”

Naturalistic Paganism blog – “Paganism firmly rooted in the empirical world”. Interview with Glenys Livingstone, December 2011: A Poetry of Place

Our Powerful Sabbats by Jon and Heather Cleland Host – taking into account temperature for names of the traditional eight Pagan Sabbats.

Website of Ehoah – “a naturalistic endeavour to ensure all the connections we make within Nature are harmonious.” and this amazing blog on Holidays, Rituals and History … and this Global Nature Based Calendar

Lilitu’s Books and Music – Canberra, Australia … a great place to shop.

Beannacht – a Gaelic blessing: written and recited by the late Irish poet John O’Donohue.

PaGaian Cosmology: Another Evolutionary Paganism

Earth Traditions in the U.S. … building community for the people of the Earth: a Pagan Church providing Wheel of the Year events, retreats, rites of passage, Mystery School, spiritual counseling and Pagan ministry training (on-line too).

HallowQuest – Caitlin and John Matthews

A good Pagan blog with news The Wild Hunt with Jason Pitzl-Waters

Patrick McCollum Foundation – Patrick was inspired by the Great Mother to promote a sacred planetary vision that respects religious diversity and advances pluralism.

Australian Reclaiming – EarthSong WitchCamps… in Starhawk’s tradition.

Altai Mir University – “the majestic Altai Republic in the center of Eurasia is widely known as Earth’s umbilicus. Huge cosmic energy flows into the Earth at this place. Altai has been legendary throughout history – beautiful, remote, wild, and life-changing. … IT’S ALL AT RISK, as a million oblivious tourists, settlers, and land developers grab land where every leaf and stone is sacred. Learn about Altai, what is there, and why it is globally important”

Necropolis Now … Australian Caroline Tully’s blog

EarthSpirit Web – dedicated to the preservation and development of Earth-centered spirituality, culture and community; we particularly focus on the indigenous traditions of pre-Christian Europe.

Mything Links – lots of info about the the Wheel of the Year: an annotated & illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies and more by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D. … mostly Northern Hemisphere, but some S.H.

Martin Gray’s Places of Peace and Power – great photos and stories of sacred sites around the globe.

The Hebrew Priestess Institute – now what category do I put this in? Pagan, Goddess or Other or Great Work? 🙂 founded and directed by Rabbi Jill Hammer Ph.D. … embodied Jewish spiritual leadership, creativity and community from an earth-honoring, feminist perspective. Also check her Tel Shemesh site for seasonal celebrations.

The Shrine of the Cailleach at Glen Lyon – Each year, in one of the most remote areas of Scotland, a family of stones are brought out of the house in the spring and returned to the house for the winter. … one of the few surviving examples of continuity of ancient Celtic beliefs from the past in the present day. The ritual is still carried out by both local residents and visitors who pilgrim to the site to pay a visit to the Cailleach and her family. And here is another story about the place: “My Year of the Cailleach” by Jill Smith in Goddess Alive!

Witchvox – a global Pagan voice
and a listing of Pagan Traditions including PaGaian Cosmology

Minmia – Koori, Wirradjirri, Law-woman, Teacher and Great-grandmother

Chalice Centre – a great resource of “Celtic spirituality and Western Inner Tradition”, couched in Northern Hemispheric calendar, but useful to all of this heritage.

Witches Workshop – Australian Pagan Resources: Events, Organisations, eGroups: Tim Hartridge’s fairly comprehensive listings of various groups

Cae Mabon a cool Place in Wales that is perhaps sister/brother to Taffy’s and my Place here at Bru-na-BigTree in Australia.

Re-earthing the Cities – an Australian website by Margaret RainbowWeb in South Australia … with lots of good information – applicable locally and globally: and Seasons and Calendars

Caer Australis for a fairly comprehensive Southern view of the Wheel of the Year

Center for Symbolic Studies Monthly seminars, seasonal celebrations … Stephen and Robin Larsen, connected to the work of Joseph Campbell.

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