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Book Review by Eileen Haley: Naming the Goddess

BOOK REVIEW by Eileen Haley, Sydney-based crone, poet and PaGaian: Naming the Goddess. Edited Trevor Greenfield, Foreword by Cheryl Straffon, Introduction by Selena Fox. Moon Books. 2014. Thanks to Moon Books for sending this book to Goddess Association in Australia for review. ‘Naming the Goddess’ is an eclectic collection of articles by over 70 contributors. […]

Mother of us All

from friend, poet and PaGaian con-spirator Eileen Haley … remembering our Mother: Mother’s Day greetings, people of Goddess. We pay honour to the ancient Mother of us all and of all life, the wellspring; we remember the times of the Great Mother Goddess. We remember when birth was sacred, one of the most sacrosanct events of […]

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