Mother of us All

from friend, poet and PaGaian con-spirator Eileen Haley … remembering our Mother:

Mother’s Day greetings, people of Goddess. We pay honour to the ancient Mother of us all and of all life, the wellspring; we remember the times of the Great Mother Goddess. We remember when birth was sacred, one of the most sacrosanct events of the people’s religion. Sacred the amniotic fluid, sacred the milk of breasts. When all water sources were Hers – lakes, rivers, springs, wells and rain clouds. When the female body was honoured as the Goddess Creatrix. When the Earth was honoured as the body of the Goddess, constantly creating new life from Herself. We remember that time; we work that it may come again.

With gratitude to Marija Gimbutas’s The Living Goddesses.

Halaf figurine

Halaf culture figurine, now in the Louvre Museum. Syria/southern Mesopotamia, circa 6000-5100 B.C.E.












  1. Joanne Windeyer · · Reply

    I love this. It really stopped me in my tracks this morning and redirected my thoughts. Thank you.

    1. thank you Joanne – lovely to hear from you

  2. sandy kondos · · Reply

    Perfect to remember for this morning a time when the rivers and the breast milk and all was sacred xxx

    1. thank you dear Sandy xx

  3. Brian · · Reply

    Yes,the artefact picture shows what artisans were creating to mirror the ‘state of evolution’ during these early ages..a “Go forth and multipy” state of wonderful it was ‘back then’…smile

  4. hello Brian – smile

  5. · · Reply

    Thanks so much for sending this Glenys. It’s a beautiful reminder of the power and wisdom of the feminine in the past, and our own lives.

  6. hello Kath … great to hear from you.

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