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Signs out of Time Interviews

Behind the Screen: the Uncut Interviews made for the documentary Signs Out of Time by Donna Read and Starhawk about the life and work of esteemed archaeologist Marija Gimbutas I have been given permission to publish them all. They are a valuable resource for a group you might like to gather, or that is already […]

The Equinoxes as Story of Redemption: Sacred Balance of Maternal Creativity

a slightly edited essay by the author Glenys Livingstone from March 2013, published originally at Return to Mago  Each year in March and September, the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes occur at the same time on the Planet – they are the Seasonal Moments of balance of light and dark, in the dark part and in […]

The World of the Goddess – Marija Gimbutas

In this video (1990) Marija Gimbutas herself speaks of her work, and it’s wonderful to see and hear her enthusiasm. PaGaian Cosmology, and most other current Goddess research and practice, is indebted to the work Marija Gimbutas. The World of the Goddess – Marija Gimbutas  Then there is Signs Out of Time – the documentary about […]

Creativity of Beltaine Moment

Beltaine is commonly understood in recent times to be a celebration of sexuality, and frequently in particular heterosexuality … but this is a simple reduction, and only one of the valencies of a deeper significance of the Seasonal Moment, which is the extant creativity of Sun and Moon in relationship, with Earth. The notable and […]

Mother of us All

from friend, poet and PaGaian con-spirator Eileen Haley … remembering our Mother: Mother’s Day greetings, people of Goddess. We pay honour to the ancient Mother of us all and of all life, the wellspring; we remember the times of the Great Mother Goddess. We remember when birth was sacred, one of the most sacrosanct events of […]

Signs Out of Time – a Review

Signs Out of Time – a Review by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. – a documentary on the life and work of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, who made significant contribution to new perceptions about the origins of Western civilisation – including what actual “civilisation” might be: she was archaeologist, linguist, mythologist, folklorist. And then also get a copy of […]

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