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Ancient Irish Sites – photos and story

First the photos that inspired this post: Some Fantastic 19th century Photos of Irish Archaeology Sites … and the story that I wrote some seven years ago begins with  a feeling about the uncovering of the Triple Spiral – which is a significant recent event (late last century).   I have never visited the home of […]

Celebrating Cosmogenesis @ Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Dawn through MoonCourt window   Traditionally Winter Solstice has been celebrated by the ancients – our Gaian ancestors in many regions – as the birth of Light, the birth of Form. The stories of many cultures tell of the Great Mother giving birth to the Divine Child at this time of year. It is this […]

Integrating the Co-essential Darkness of the Cosmological Unfolding

Integrating the Co-essential Darkness of the Cosmological Unfolding by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. This article was first published in 2007 at what was called Integrative Spirituality site,  now known as Universe Spirit  We live in times of the witnessing of global transformation. Such a scale of planetary changes has happened before, but humans are integral to this one […]

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