Ancient Irish Sites – photos and story

First the photos that inspired this post:

Some Fantastic 19th century Photos of Irish Archaeology Sites

… and the story that I wrote some seven years ago begins with  a feeling about the uncovering of the Triple Spiral – which is a significant recent event (late last century).   I have never visited the home of the Triple Spiral, but it has made a home with  me – in my place in Australia, where I have celebrated the Cosmic Creative Dynamic in its triplicity, in the Seasonal Wheel, for 16 years now.

hallway images-4


As I say in the first paragraph of my story about it:

The story of the un-covering of the Triple Spiral at ‘Newgrange’ is one that I can identify with. The indigenous name of the place is Bru na Boinne – ‘Boinne’ being derivative of Boann, understood to be Goddess Creator of the River Boyne. By 1142 C.E., the humans inhabiting this place had long forgotten its numinosity, and it was part of farms known as ‘granges’, and by 1378 the mound that is home to the Triple Spiral “had been completely stripped of its former identity and was called merely ‘the new grange’.” The process of remembering and unfolding the significance of the place in the context of the many other nearby sites similar to it, over the hundreds of years since then, has been fraught with complexities.

And so it has been for me as one of the lost children of this heritage: knowledge of my indigenous roots lost for so long, stripped of my former numinous identity, thought to be just something useful – as farms were thought to be (not as we have re-valued them in recent times) and the process of remembering my identity and significance has been fraught with complexities. This is so for many like me, of this and other global heritages: there are many lost children … forgotten who we are, where we came from, and the path back is complex. The Planet’s children are in grief for the loss of the Mother … as I see it.

The story as I wrote it in 2007:

Celebrating the Triple Spiral: a PaGaian Cosmology



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