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PaGaian Poiesis

Participating in the sacred process of the Wheel of the Year … that is, Earth’s everyday sacred Journey around Sun – and therefore yours – is a Poiesis … the making of a world. It is to align one’s small self with the Creative Cosmos, expressed in Her everyday Creativity. And you may expect outcomes. […]

Conceptions of Samhain

Conceptions of Samhain by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. as published in Goddess Alive! Issue 26 Autumn/Winter 2014   Samhain preparation and ceremony at my place begin with this breath meditation: Breathe deep … and as you let go of your breath, follow it down, and notice the Space between your breaths. Don’t hold it, just notice it. […]

Beltaine/Samhain @ EarthGaia

The actual Moment of this cross-quarter between Equinox (Spring/Autumn) and Solstice (Summer/Winter) is 11:56 UT (Universal Time) on the 7th November … that’s November 7th 21:56 EST Australia – my place: other global times are available at archaeoastronomy.com. It is the Season of Beltaine/High Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, the season of celebrating sweet desire for being – the “glue” […]

Beltaine/Samhain @ EarthGaia

Today I tried the Beltaine ribbons on the tree that we will dance around – because the tree has grown, and I began preparations for ceremony – getting the red fabrics out and the ribbons and rainbow streamers. I figure many of you have begun to feel the transition to Samhain or Beltaine. So it […]

A Time for Conceiving the More

Samhain is a celebration of the Crone’s process of the transformation of death. She is the Old One who remembers, and from whose sentient depths the new is drawn forth. The imagined conceptions gestate in the fertility of the Old One’s growing dark. Samhain is a profound celebration of the Void – the Void before […]

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