A Time for Conceiving the More

Untitled30Samhain is a celebration of the Crone’s process of the transformation of death. She is the Old One who remembers, and from whose sentient depths the new is drawn forth. The imagined conceptions gestate in the fertility of the Old One’s growing dark.

Samhain is a profound celebration of the Void – the Void before time, the Space between one exhalation and the next inhalation, the All-Nourishing Abyss, the Sea of Generosity[1] from which all pours forth, the quantum vacuum: a rich sentient space.

From the point of view of Gaia/All-That-Is, death is a transformation, which is Her nature; Samhain is a time for remembering this, and  being done with the old and conceiving the new. We may recall the many changes each has come through in their particular lives. We may recall the many cultural changes of our human story, the many evolutionary changes – Gaia’s transformations, which are also ours – anywhere in the spectrum of thirteen point seven billion years. We may remember how old we really are, and that we are yet “much More” – personally and collectively. We may dream some of the More. This is the autopoiesis of the Cosmos.


[1]William C. Chittick and Peter Lamborn Wilson (trans), Fakhruddin ‘Iraqi: Divine Flashes, p.76. Brian Swimme also speaks of how “all being has gushed forth because Ultimate Generosity retains no thing”, The Universe is a Green Dragon, p.146.

For a Samhain Meditation: PaGaian Cosmology Meditations scroll down to individual tracks.

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