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Lammas Dedication

In Lammas ceremony as it has been done in PaGaian tradition over some decades, each participant has been invited by Dark Ancient Creative and Compassionate One to make a dedication to Deep Self. She says: “Step forward, one at a time, as you are ready, offer your bread figure, and speak if you wish. What would […]

Now Recognizing Her in Me

presented by Glenys Livingstone as a paper at the Women of Faith: Reclaiming the Gift Colloquium, University of Sydney, 1997, now published as my contribution to the anthology by Mago Books: She Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism and Spirituality? edited by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Kaalii Cargill Author’s note 2015: Though this paper was written and presented some eighteen […]

Wheel of Year Ceremony: En-trancing Gaia’s Womb

By Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. Published in G.A.I.A. Newsletter October 2008, and re-published at Return to Mago blog as En-trancing Gaia’s Womb Through Seasonal Ceremony: Re-creating Her Sacred Site in 2012. In the earliest of Her stories, Gaia – also known as “Ge”, meaning Earth – was the possessor of the oracle in Delphi, the place at the […]

A Time for Conceiving the More

Samhain is a celebration of the Crone’s process of the transformation of death. She is the Old One who remembers, and from whose sentient depths the new is drawn forth. The imagined conceptions gestate in the fertility of the Old One’s growing dark. Samhain is a profound celebration of the Void – the Void before […]

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