Lammas Dedication


In Lammas ceremony as it has been done in PaGaian tradition over some decades, each participant has been invited by Dark Ancient Creative and Compassionate One to make a dedication to Deep Self. She says: “Step forward, one at a time, as you are ready, offer your bread figure, and speak if you wish. What would you surrender for transformation? What do you have for-giving? Perhaps what do you want to ‘make sacred’ – dedicate to Deep Wisdom within?”


Each then comes forward to give their bread figure to Dark One’s basket, and may speak if they wish. These words are offered:

I dedicate my small particular self to Larger Deeper Self, understanding that I am She – GaiaUniverse – She Who is All. I am the beauty of the Dark: the Sentience of the Cosmos is within me, and I am in Her. I trust Her Wisdom and Creativity – She Who receives me in every moment, so that new composition may arise. I offer Her Darkness … for transformation. I have … for-giving. I want to make sacred …

The wording of this dedication is in counter-balance to the wording of the Imbolc dedication, that each may have made six months before as the light part of the cycle began:

I commit myself to my particular small self, understanding that I am She – Gaia – She who is All. I am connected to Her as the tree bud is to the branch. ‘I am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars and the mystery of the waters’. I commit myself to this Originating Power present in me, the Sacred Flame in me, this Native Land who I am. I will protect Her and honour Her in myself – this particular Beauty, who is ever-new. I am a Promise of Life. Whatever She needs I will give Her. I will tend Her in myself – so that She may grow strong and flourish.

PaGaian Imbolc ceremony, Glenys Livingstone

And so now at Lammas, as the dark part of the cycle begins, we who are the Promise of Life, now return Her harvest … it is not ours to hold: we are Her harvest, our small harvests are Her Harvest. And She receives us in every moment, and at some moments we are more conscious of this truth.

our bread figures collected – for dedication and transformation

As the dark part of the days grows visibly longer, as Earth’s tilt takes us back away from Sun, we meet to celebrate dissolution, the time when each unique beautiful self lets go to the Darkness. We meet to remember the Dark Sentience, She – from whom we arise, in whom we are immersed and to whom we return. In this season of the Crone, the Wise Dark One, who accepts and receives our harvest, we meet to accept Her transformative embrace, trusting Her knowing, which is beyond all knowledge.

I feel that I understand this relationship and process more each year, and particularly this year as I experience letting go of “younger capacities”, things that many younger ones take for granted (as I was once able to) – like ease of movement and hearing and vision, in myself and beloved other, as I assent to being an older person and to my beloved partner being noticeably more elderly. Sometimes I get cranky about that, and there is grief. So I offer that crankiness and grief to Dark Compassionate One for transformation, I have that for-giving. This Lammas I make sacred my aging, this phase of my life, understanding it more deeply as Her creative process.

As I offer this, and the many fears that I have in general, for transformation, She says:

 I am Love, I am the All-Nourishing Abyss. All manifestation springs from me – you have given yourself back. You will reap the harvest, you will proceed in joy and abundance … for this is the Mystery.

PaGaian Lammas ceremony, Glenys Livingstone

There is much that I hope for, new composition that incessantly arises from Her dark sentience: and I will express those hopes, trusting Her incorrigible Creativity foaming forth – as it does, as She does.

what do you hope for? what do you hope to harvest?

(c) Glenys Livingstone 2016.

NOTE: the term “All-Nourishing Abyss” is from cosmologist Brian Swimme. It is his name for the generative quantum vacuum that pervades the Universe, and therefore each being.

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