Three Candles Meditation


This meditation is mentioned in the Introduction to the book, PaGaian Cosmology, as being part of my daily practice: I describe it as a “layer of action” – taken to “nurse and create a context in which ‘She’ could grow”. The three candles with some associated objects remain on an altar. The candles may be lit with some simple version of the above, or sometimes non-verbally, simply allowing the sense of each one.

Three Candles Meditation on YouTube

resonances with the 3 qualities/dynamics of Goddess

 the Great Creative One.

Light the 1st candle:

I remember She within me Who is deeply related – the Mother – the Matrix, the Intricate Web – She Who Is – everything within me that connects me to the past, upon which the present is built – the Depth of this moment, this Dynamic Place of Being. I remember the Sangha, the community around the globe that supports Life, those in particular that have and do support my life – all those who have been my teachers.

Light the 2nd candle:

I remember She within me Who is ever new – the Young One – the Urge budding forth – She Who will Be – the future, the children, the descendants of body and mind – the much More in myself and all selves. I remember the Buddha, the Self, the Shining One within all, for whom I refine the gold – for whom this life is given, those whom I support, for whom I am teacher.

Light the 3rd candle:

I remember She within me Who returns me to All-That-Is, to the Great Subject – the Old One – She within Who creates the Space to Be, Who dissolves the old in every moment, Who is the transformations of the Ages – Who knows the Truth of all things – Who is the Sentience within all. I remember the Dharma, She within whose Wisdom is beyond all knowledge.

This is the Creative Context in which we are held – in the Context of all that supports this present moment, in the Context of the future that is being conceived and nurtured right here, and in the Context of the Old all-Knowing Compassionate One who receives all – all three present within each unique being … right Here.

(c) Glenys Livingstone, PaGaian Cosmology, Chapter 8 p. 259-260

The YouTube video version: Three Candles Meditation

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