One Who Hears, Let Me Speak

Sacred ceremony may be an exercise and practice of Speaking new language, a speaking WITH the Mother/Place of Being … a “Con-course” as I name it in PaGaian Cosmology ( – p.9, and also p.45). We need to find new language for speaking with our Place of Being, so that we may shape our thinking anew – and so, shape our world: SPELL it:  sacred ceremony may be a Poiesis – the making of a world. So this program: And in every moment we may place attention to the words we speak, the story coming out of the mouth … the meta-narrative – the cosmology – embedded in them.

a poem – which begins with a piece of a poem by Robin Morgan:

“Oh let me hear you hear

me speak oh

speak to

me oh let me” … (Robin Morgan)


O One who Hears

Let me Speak


What is it that

Wants to be Spoken?


O speak to me o

speak o

hear me     speak you


am given, received … Met


Glenys Livingstone 2006 C.E.

Reference: Robin Morgan “The Network of the Imaginary Mother” in Lady of the Beasts p.85

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