Equinox @ EarthGaia March 2015 C.E.

Equinox @ EarthGaiaThe Seasonal Moment of Equinox @ EarthGaia comes around again at 22:45 UT on the 20th March – the first for this Gregorian calendar year of 2015, and it is Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  At my place East Coast Australia that is 8:45 on the 21st March … and all global times may be found here: archaeoastronomy.com. It is a Moment of Balance (a holy day – thus written with capitals) in Earth’s annual orbit around Sun – one of two in each calendar year : the light and the dark are of equal length in the South and in the North of the Planet – for a moment. We may contemplate balance, which I like to imagine as harmony and not so much as an equal and static measure of things: although balance is never static – the balance is actually created by an imbalance, similar to an AC flow of electric charge, harmony signifies something else again – it may be understood as a flow of two or more qualities (I usually imagine a sacred three actually), that allows a spin, manifesting a sense of well-being, even through grief … this sense may be possible, if one keeps looking deeper, and with eyes and heart open. And it is a sens-ible place from which one may act, though not necessarily feel warm and fuzzy – more like a strength, a power which may come from either Joy or Grief (written with capitals because they may be understood as sacred empowering experience).

Even in the celebration of Spring Equinox (“Eostar” as it may be named) where the theme and experience of your place at this time is the joy and return of growth and flowers to the land, it actually requires the recognition of the compost that this beauty emerges from: the source of the joy of the Return is the grief for what had/has been lost, as one emerges with power to act.

Autumn Equinox (“Mabon” as it may be known) is a time for allowing the grief, letting it wash over us, saying yes to it … and yet we may do so graciously, remembering the abundance received in every moment just by the fact of existence, and probably much more, for which we may be gracious: it is an appropriate Moment for thanksgiving, and expressing joy for what has been received – which is why we may feel the grief for what is lost.


the red thread of life continues beneath the visible

After the Seasonal Moment of Lammas – just passed in the Southern Hemisphere – with its recognition that “everything passes, all fades away”, we come to Autumn Equinox/Mabon, when we may contemplate the grief of this passing, and also the Seed which represents this ending, but also holds within it all that is required for life to burst forth again – once it is given over to the dark. This rich potency has been imagined by humans over the millennia as a red thread – the continuity of life beneath the visible. There beneath the visible, in the darkness beneath, the Seed gestates its potency, to eventually crack open and unfold whole new being – empowered being. The Northern Hemisphere may celebrate this unfolding of Potency, and certain emergence  at this time. Wherever you are, you may enjoy these video reflections: PaGaian Mabon and PaGaian Eostar.

Some  Autumn and Spring Equinox story may be found in Appendix F of PaGaian Cosmology under the names of Mabon and Eostar respectively, or if you have a paper version of the book, there is an Index for references throughout. These Seasonal Moments in relationship to the whole Wheel of the Year may be found in Chapter 5, and ritual scripts are offered in Chapter 7 –  these on-line versions are usually being a bit different from the ones in the paper copy of the book, as they evolve, and are understood as suggestion for expressing the story.

At my Place in Blue Mountains Australia we will gather to celebrate Autumn Equinox ceremony on March 21st at 7pm. The invitation reads:

As Earth is poised in balance of dark & light,

     about to tip our hemisphere into the dark …

You are invited to celebrate


… the Season of thanksgiving for our harvest:

the abundance we have reaped, 

that we enjoy daily. 

And also, the Season of grieving, 

for all that has been lost – the Beloved One descends: it may be a Journey to Wisdom. 

We may join Demeter the Mother in Her sorrow, 

and await the unfolding 

of the Mysterious, Wyrdly Creative Cosmos.

If you wish to attend, you may email me (Glenys) for an invitation and details: glenys@pagaian.org

There is a PaGaian Cosmology Facebook group where all members may initiate discussion and/or respond.

I frequently post to the Pagaian Cosmology Facebook Page also … which you are welcome to “Like”.

To participate in the on-line preparation or at a meeting/class on the ground see: Celebrating PaGaian Cosmology On-line for information, and/or contact me: glenys@pagaian.org.

To be on the invitation list, or for notice of events, please contact Glenys.

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