I am the Ancient One

IMG_0043 Folding my arms over my upper torso, I acknowledge this country that I am … an ancient land, a holy land: I only need travel to this place, be present to this place. I am She … GaiaEarth, we are all She: all “Transformations of the Ages” … this could be a title for Her/us – it expresses our entitlement … a presence in every cell of the bodymind, in our form, in our breath. We have always been from the very beginning and so we always shall be. This stuff that we are made of, the materia, is the Materia, the Mother … a “biospiritual”[1] reality.


Hail powers of water. We remember that we are water. Water, that has nursed our beginnings in the primordial soup, that walks around in our flesh: we are old, so old. We remember that we are water and there is nothing we have not been.[2]


Hail powers of fire. We remember that we are fire. Fire, that has surged through every thought, and action, that dances at the root of all life: we are old, so old. We remember that we are fire and there is nothing we have not been.


Hail powers of earth. We remember that we are earth. Earth, whose intelligence has conceived us and all creatures, and to whom we all return: we are old, so old. We remember that we are earth and there is nothing we have not been.

AirHail powers of air. We remember that we are air. Air, that passed through the lungs of ancestors, dinosaurs, and every breathing creature, and inspires us now in every moment: we are old, so old. We remember that we are air and there is nothing we have not been.

We are this ancient mystery – water, fire, earth and air: we are from all time and no time, everywhere and no where. We may feel the space within our being … the womb of all present, fertile with possibility. This is the centre, the Centre. The whole story is present here, in the flesh of my bodymind.

© Glenys Livingstone Deep Autumn/Samhain 2015

Notes: [1] This is a term used by cosmologist Brian Swimme to speak of the nature of matter, of earth. [2] This and subsequent paragraphs are excerpts from traditional PaGaian Samhain/Deep Autumn ceremonial script: https://pagaian.org/book/chapter-7/

References: Livingstone, Glenys. PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion. NE: iUniverse, 2005. Swimme, Brian. Canticle to the Cosmos. DVD series, 1990: http://www.storyoftheuniverse.org/store-2/dvd/canticle-to-the-cosmos-2/

For an excellent Samhain Meditation: PaGaian Cosmology Meditations scroll down to individual tracks, where you will find a Samhain/Deep Autumn Meditation for $3.25. It is a package of tracks 1,2 and 3 off CD 1 – the Introduction to the meditations, the Samhain/Deep Autumn preparation and the Samhain/Deep Autumn Meditation.

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