We are Gift of Goddess-Mother Supernova

We are Gift of Tiamat – Goddess Mother supernova. Out of her stardust we are born. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus and trace elements. We are Gift of Tiamat – out of her stardust we are born[i].

sun_stars_space_lightTiamat (which means Goddess Mother) is the name that Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry gave to the ancestral star out of whom our Sun and Her planets were born. All the complex elements that are now within our bodies and through Earth were created by this grandmother supernova. They named Her ‘Tiamat’ in their book, The Universe Story. She is praised and remembered by that name in traditional PaGaian Winter Solstice ceremony when the ceremonial fire is lit.

Winter Solstice is the Season for remembering our Cosmic lineage, our Origins.


We are Gift of Tiamat – out of her stardust we are born.

Some ceremonial rites are offered here: Winter Solstice, Chapter 7, PaGaian Cosmology.

and Tiamat Ritual, The Great Story


[i] This is largely the composition of “The Tiamat Song” by Connie Barlow, Green Space, Green Time, p.83, for which Connie also provides music on p.302.

For a PaGaian Winter Solstice Meditation:

Version 2Winter Solstice/Yule

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(Track 5 and 6, CD 1 of PaGaian Cosmology Meditations)




  1. Aidan Magellan Gabriel Moore · · Reply

    It is lovely to see that the PaGaian cosmology is incorporating up-to-date scientific scholarship in its philosophy and its rituals. This evolution of your thought is a harmonious echo of the evolution of our sentient Universe called by various names including Si’le (pron. ‘Shee-la’) and Deva (‘Day-va).

    I believe strongly that one of Her gifts to us is to accept our thought into Her consciousness, so that Her human and other children are actively contributing to building Her evolving persona.

  2. […] Here is her inspiring 2019 post about this. […]

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