A PaGaian Breath Meditation

(from Chapter 8 PaGaian Cosmology)

Going within for the moment and becoming aware of your breath,

 feeling this cycle within.

With your imagination, remember all the breathing happening right now on the planet – feel/sense it with each breath. 

The entire planet is breathing.

Remember the constant dawning and setting of the Sun – happening right now,

 as Earth turns … the constant dawn and dusk.

Remember the constant facing into the light of the Sun – our Star, 

and the constant facing into the dark of the Cosmos, happening right now,

as She turns …

 the constant moving fullness of light and dark on opposite sides of the planet.

Remember the constant coming into being and passing away happening right now, 

as She turns.

The entire Wheel as we have celebrated it is happening right now – all at once.

We are at the Centre of the Wheel.

She waxes into fullness, and wanes into darkness – She grows into form, and dissolves back into that great Plenum from which all emerges. 

There is in every moment:

constant novelty – infinite particularity,

constant communion – infinite relationship,

constant dissolution – trans-formation … making way for the new.

Feel this breath, your breath. We participate in Her constant Creativity, 

from this Centre.

(c) Glenys Livingstone, PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion, p.260-261.


  1. Extremely powerful. Thank you.

    1. thank you Donna … so glad you enjoy it

  2. Rain Foster · · Reply

    Perfect in these times. All time. Thank you.

  3. […]  The PaGaian Breath Meditation says it all. ” The entire planet is breathing.” Mind blowing! The sense of Place.  Who knew? There is no way I can adequately express how you have influenced me personally in/thru Her. […]

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