A Hera’s Journey: the Return

Recently I returned to my homelands, the region where I was born and spent my early days. For most of my life I thought I would never return here: I couldn’t get away quick enough as a young teen … the world called and there was pain in this place. I returned after forty-seven years to be closer to my mother, to be of some help and to share more in her life; but as I now reflect, who was “my mother” to whom I wished to return? She was indeed my biological mother, but she was more, and indeed always was/is. I realise now that for me, returning to the homelands was also a call back to Mother, back to Origins. I had really invoked this Return over years of seasonal ceremony where I had often placed the “earth of my birth”, as I named the bowl of red dirt from my homeland, on the altar in the direction of Earth. I had also always placed a photo of my mother amongst ceremonial Winter Solstice decorations – acknowledging her sovereignty, and always the seamless connection all the way back to Origins. So, here I am.

This morning as I sat in the Sun, on my goatskin and cushion having tea, I reflected on the moment some fifty-one years ago, when I as a young teen, became conscious of the consistency of Sun passing over the particular place and land where I sat at that time: that is, I became aware of the Sun “seeing” this particular place every day through the eons and millennia, and I imagined all the changes Sun had seen here. It was my first conscious deep-time experience, as I would name it now. I was about fifteen years old and perhaps it was significant that it was synchronous with my menarche, and /or it was also called forth by the times; it was the late 1960’s when my generation was rallying and opening the doors of perception, and I was aroused and affected by these events though they were far from my place.

“earth of my birth”

I have returned now to this place of my birth, to its red dirt, and my relations in this place, after a long journey away in many other locations around the globe. The journey seems long to me, and at times it was through treacherous places: I sometimes wonder at how I made it through. The journey was also through marvellous places: where I stepped with apparent ease and grace, and I was deeply blessed. Often I did not know the difference between danger and safety until later: I misjudged the situation often. Now here I am, sitting with the Sun in my face again, remembering, and feeling the red thread connecting through space-time. For the Sun, fifty-one years is an instant, less than that. I understand afresh old stories of Rip van Winkle and that of Maya[1]: how the passing of time is a kind of illusion. Yet I have returned with the presence of so much and so many: gifts from the Underworld and the Otherworld. The journey is apparent. I did gather the riches, the gems, and have been graced to have brought them back with me. I will celebrate this emergence and return this Spring Equinox.

Glenys Livingstone, September 2020, Southern Hemisphere Spring Equinox.


[1] The version of Maya as it is told by Carolyn McVickar Edwards in The Storyteller’s Goddess, p.160 – 164.


  1. Aidan Magellan Gabriel Moore · · Reply

    To Glenys Livingstone of Pagaian Cosmology.
    I am hopeless with images so I appreciate yours, always beautiful. I love your cushion and gorgeous goatskin and the statue of Ishtar in the top left corner.

    You know that as a practicing geoscientist and Darwinist I came to believe in the Triune Goddess whose triple spiral was carved on the door-stone of Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) centuries before the Great Pyramids of Egypt were even thought of, and a thousand years before Stonehenge was erected on the Sulis-bru Plain in Britain. These three evolving Beings growing in the womb of time are Donna Gaia Earth, Hera the Galaxy and Sile (Sheela) the Universal Sule/Seel/Ciel/Celeste (Soul). This belief predicts that not only Donna Earth but Hera the Galaxy also and Sile are filled and packed with life and emerging sentience. This is a scientific prediction.

    We have lacked evidence of this until now. Until last week, when a molecule that can only be produced by Life, so far as we know, was found, in the atmosphere of, wait for it – Venus the Hell-planet, of all places. To find evidence of Life in this unlikely place is a powerful, even a jaw-dropping indicator of universal life. The chemical formula of this molecule, Phosphine, is PH3. It is highly unstable, can be disrupted easily by any passing cation and must be renewed by Life constantly or it disappears from the atmosphere.

    If Life is present floating in the atmosphere of the Hell-planet then it will be everywhere. If it is not shot down by contrary evidence, which science will now try very hard to do, it could be the greatest extension of our view of the Universe since Galileo turned his first telescope on the Moon and Jupiter and Saturn. It would confirm the Triune Goddess thesis just as Galileo’s observations confirmed the heliocentric thesis.

    The scientific world is in a fever of excitement over this. Watch this space!

    1. hello Aidan, your post here reminds me of the documentary I watched this week on David Bohm, and his beautiful “theory”/perception of Wholeness and the Implicate Order … such a beautiful seamless sentient Universe.

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