Solstice Announcement – A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos

It’s a Girl! (Winter Solstice)

She is being poured forth! (Summer Solstice)

– all at the same time! 😄

The new PaGaian Cosmology book

A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos

is now available for pre-order 

A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos Book Endorsements

“This is a deeply spiritual work, beautifully articulating the sacrality and the profundity of our lives and of the cosmos. Glenys Livingstone writes of communions, celebrations, wonderfully creative ceremonies, the continuity of life: our turns around the Wheel of the Year.”

-Miriam Robbins Dexter, Author of Whence the Goddesses: a Source Book and  Sacred Display: Divine and Magical Female Figures of Eurasia

 “This book is a blessing! Bestowing knowledge, wisdom, and beauty, it presents new possibilities for a greater felt connection with the cosmos. The ceremonies for a PaGaian Wheel of the Year will surely inspire spiritual creativity.”

-Charlene Spretnak, Author of Lost Goddesses of Early Greece

“In order to enter A Poiesis of the Creative Cosmos, begin the night before. Go out under the stars and let their beauty soak into you. Bring to mind the 320 million Earth-like planets sprinkled throughout the Milky Way galaxy and imagine there are other beings out there who are, simultaneously, trying to imagine us. As you climb into bed, reflect on the stunning truth coming from both the ancient ones and the contemporary scientists, that you are at the center of the universe, at the very center along with everyone else. After a deep sleep, you will be ready to enter the PaGaian wheel of ceremony which has taken Glenys an entire lifetime to create. She has had to struggle out of the unconscious arrogance and profound ignorance of industrial society in their dismissal of the wisdom embedded in Goddess-based cultures. Working with other poets of the cosmos, she has constructed a spiritual practice that enables us to root ourselves in place and celebrate the sacred annual journey about the sun. By releasing ourselves into the wisdom of her ceremonies, we find our creative energies reinvigorated as we set forth to give poetic expression to the divine presence in which we live. Glenys Livingstone, the author of this cosmological poetry, is a planetary treasure.”

-Brian Thomas Swimme, Author of Cosmogenesis

with deep gratitude to all who have participated in her unfolding and manifestation.

Credit for Cover Art: Julie Cunningham

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