She Feeds the World with Her own Body

She so loves the world that She gives Her own Body daily: for the life of the world.

The Gospel of Dea since the beginning of time.

“Gaia Genetrix”, Adele Getty, Goddess: Mother of Living Nature, 72-73.

Note the present tense of “loves” and “gives”. It is so in every moment, not just some past heroic deed done by a “son” sent by a Deity who wasn’t prepared to give himself. In the appropriated story commonly told in this era, the “son” sent is designated as an “only begotten son” – what kind of story is that? It begs many questions. How could the Deity have only one son? Aren’t all beings children of Deity? Did he have daughters? And would they have been worthy sacrifices? Perhaps not since they were commonly sacrificed every day; that would be the meta-narrative.

In contrast, the Communion of Goddess is this: She is the grain that is harvested, the food of the world – She gives Herself freely and daily for the life of the world. She feeds all, and all feed Her. It is known and celebrated in many Indigenous cultures around the world; She is “Corn Mother”, rice, barley, wheat. 

Lammas is the traditional Seasonal Moment for celebrating the harvest, the Sacred Consuming as it may be understood: Lammas is the “feast of the bread” – how She nourishes us, so that we may be nourishing also.

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