It’s a Girl! A Poiesis of Creative Cosmos Birthed!

From Trista Hendren, publisher of Girl God Books:

I am thrilled to announce the publication of this new book by our beloved Foremother, Glenys Livingstone, PhD. If you grew up in a disempowering patriarchal church, you likely do not know how to create new ceremonies and rituals that strengthen your sacred connection to Mother Earth. Glenys has brought together decades of ceremonial rituals into one beautiful volume (what I have called a Willendorf of a book!).

I am very excited about this publication, as I have come to believe, (as much as I love books), that the fastest way to bust out of patriarchal prisons is through the reconnection to our bodies and to the Earth – through sacred rituals and ceremonies honoring the Divine Feminine. Unless you have been active in a women’s circle, most people have little idea how to do these rituals – and for good reason. They are powerful!

As Carol P. Christ wrote in “Why Women Need the Goddess,” “Even people who no longer “believe in God” or participate in the institutional structure of patriarchal religion still may not be free of the power of the symbolism of God the Father. A symbol’s effect does not depend on rational assent, for a symbol also functions on levels of the psyche other than the rational. Symbol systems cannot simply be rejected; they must be replaced. Where there is no replacement, the mind will revert to familiar structures at times of crisis, bafflement, or defeat.”

I hope that women (and men) around the world utilize this book to build local, inspired and transformative communities that usher in global healing.

The special pre-order price is available on my website through Sunday 26th March at The book will be available elsewhere shortly. If you are curious about this work, we have 3 book launch parties scheduled throughout the world where Glenys will share from her book. You are warmly welcomed to join us there!

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